How to use drag and drop to flag messages in Gmail

  1. This simple method will help you keep the conversation organized.
  2. Move message to label
  3. Apply custom labels

This simple method will help you keep the conversation organized.

Gmail includes many useful features. For example, you can easily create custom labels that act as folders to organize your email and make it easy to access. Gmail makes creating, managing, and applying labels easy and intuitive. By dragging and dropping, you can:

  • Mark message as spam † Drag it to the label spam
  • Archive † Drag to label All emails
  • remove it † Drag to label Basket
  • Mark as important † Drag to label tagged (remember, this will remove the message from the current view).

Move message to label

Follow these steps to move an email to a label (and remove the message from the current view) in Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail and go to your inbox or another view.

  2. Hover over the message you want to move. Select to the left of the message Highlighter (double dots, vertical lines).

    If you want to move multiple messages, make sure they are all checked and then grab a handle to a selected message.

  3. Drag the message to the left rail and place it on the desired one. labels

    You may not see all available labels in the left frame, but when you hover over the label area, more will appear. Each label is highlighted when you hover a message over it. You can also choose: Yet to see more options.

  4. When the message is above the desired label and the label is highlighted, release Highlighter

Apply custom labels

You can use the same method as above to apply a custom label to a Gmail message. Make sure the label is visible on the left rail before moving the message. If the label is not visible, select Yet to find her.

When you move your messages to a location other than baskets they are still displayed in All emails

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