How to use GROWLr for iPhone

  1. Meet men and find your tribe with the gay dating app for iOS
  2. Using the GROWLr menu
  3. View profiles on GROWLr
  4. How to View GROWLr Galleries
  5. Sign up for GROWLr for iPhone
  6. How to send a shout to GROWLr

Meet men and find your tribe with the gay dating app for iOS

GROWLr is a mobile dating app for men who are interested in or identify as “bears”. According to GROWLr, bears are “muscular or heavy, hairy and rough male gay men”. Creating a profile is free, but GROWLr Pro for iPhone lets you remove ads, add more photos, and video chat with other like-minded people.

The information in this article applies to the GROWLr app for iOS. There is also a version of GROWLr for Android.

Using the GROWLr menu

After you have logged in or created a new profile, you will arrive at the main menu screen. Here are all the ways to interact with the app and the GROWLr community:

  • the bears † View user profiles on the web from all over the world.
  • Messages † View messages and chat logs.
  • Spectators † Find out who checked your profile.
  • video calls † This feature is only available to iPhone users with a GROWLr pro account, so you can’t chat with everyone.
  • My channel † View a log of your recent activities in the app.
  • Profile † View and edit your profile.
  • galleries † View photos of other members.
  • Search † Search other members by location, age, height, and more. Upgrade to GROWLr pro to unlock additional search filters.
  • CALL! † Available as an in-app purchase, this feature sends a message to all users in a specific area who have been active in the past week.
  • FLASH!: † Available as an in-app purchase, this feature makes your personal media, such as images, available to all users in a specific area.
  • To check in † Share your current location and find guys nearby.
  • Meetings † View all meeting requests that you have sent or received.
  • Events † Search for festivals, parties, and other bear-friendly events near you.
  • bars † Find local bars that come often.

View profiles on GROWLr

When you press the bears in the main menu you will see a grid of online users. Click on the image to open that user’s profile. At the bottom of the screen you will find three options to display GROWLr users:

  • Online shows all users currently online from all over the world.
  • Near shows users who are geographically close to you (if you have allowed GROWLr to track your location)
  • Favorites shows users you’ve marked as favorites.

How to View GROWLr Galleries

If you are more interested in viewing images, you can filter your search results to include only users with photos in your profiles, or you can choose from the main menu galleries to sort users by photo according to different criteria.

Sign up for GROWLr for iPhone

To share your location with other GROWLr users:

  1. Click To check in in the main menu.

  2. Select a location from the list or enter your location name in the search box to find it.

  3. Click registration to share your location.

Your location is now displayed in the tab To check in on your profile for other GROWLr users to see.

How to send a shout to GROWLr

The Shout feature sends a bulk message for a fee to all users within a 5, 10, or 20 mile radius, depending on your iPhone’s GPS location. Flash messages appear in other users’ inboxes just like regular instant messages, and your identity is visible to the recipient.

This feature is a great way to promote a business or make contacts when you are in a new location. Send a shout:

  1. Click CALL! in the main menu.

  2. Click on the field Venue to select your current location or another city.

  3. Click Ray to determine in which area your message should be broadcast.

  4. Type your message in the text field.

  5. Click To buy to send a message.

Bills are paid through your iTunes account. Prices start at $4.99.

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