I just found the perfect app to move files between iOS and Android

to every owner iphone Or iPads and Android phones, obviously these devices don’t perform as well as expected. A perfect example is trying to move files, photos or videos between devices. Apple products have AirDrop to make this process quick and easy, but sending or restoring files to Android can be a waste.

The problem is clearly not with Google or Apple. Android has a similar file transfer source to AirDrop on iPhone called Proximity Sharing which works in a quick and easy way. Like AirDrop, Near Share connects directly and does not require internet to work. The only problem is that AirDrop doesn’t work on Android and Near Share can’t ship for Apple devices.

iOS application used, Part v4, quietly took a remarkable win. By installing this application on an Android device and an iPhone or iPad, you can establish a direct Wi-Fi connection on an Android device to which the iPhone or iPad can be connected. This enables the fast transfer of photos, videos and other files without the need for an internet connection, which competes with AirDrop in speed, which couldn’t be easier. The only downside is that every time the app is reopened using Wi-Fi Direct, a new Wi-Fi sign is removed and must be manually placed on the iPhone or iPad. This is a very exclusive iOS application for transferring various files with impeccable quality between platforms. It is supported by ads, but there is only a small tax to clear ads, and the application does not collect any personal data, even if it is free.

Embedding the application can seem a bit strange at first, moving videos and large files is fast or enough to be worth a few extra minutes to learn how it works. On first boot, the Feem will search for a local Wi-Fi network and, if available, connect this way by default, so you don’t have to digitize a new password every time. He then checks to see if there are other devices running Feem, be it Android or iOS. Each device has a name such as “Honorable Rodent” and “Jealous Eagle”. It seems strange, but it also provides an anonymous application for public use.

If a trusted local Wi-Fi network is not available, the Android device can activate Wi-Fi directly and the iPhone can connect to it like any other access point. After that, the Feem application allows you to send files and talk to other phones through this direct channel. Of course, Android doesn’t have to be exclusive to sharing photos, videos, and files with ease. Obviously, it would be better to integrate this resource into the operating system, but Apple or Google didn’t mention this support. At the same time, file transfer speeds are about two times faster than upload and download, compared to upload and download. iphoneiPad and Android phones.

source: iPhone app store, Google app store

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