If years freeze in the refrigerator or refrigerator freezer, this may not always be due to a breakdown. However, such a refrigerator requires a thorough inspection: some malfunctions can be successfully fixed at home with your own hands. If your refrigerator is covered in a thick layer of ice and you don’t know what to do, this article is for you.

What can be repaired with your own hands if ice freezes in refrigerators

You can repair the seal with your own hands. It needs to be repaired if dents, cracks are noticeable when probing, and when closing a small gap remains between the door and the body.

The necessary part can be purchased at the service center. You can install the seal at home, and you do not need special knowledge for this. In the absence of a new part, a so-called temporary seal can be made. The gum should be soaked in boiling water for about 10 minutes, then treated with an acrylic or silicone sealant and seal the cracks.

If you plan to fix the gum with glue, you need it to resist freezing. The installation steps are as follows.

  1. Fixing in the groove with a flat screwdriver. To increase the strength of the fastener, the surface of the panel must be degreased.
  2. Next, you need to degrease the door plastic. Then glue is applied and the outline of the polymer is straightened. It is recommended to leave the door on the floor, so that the composition clings better.
  3. If the contour is weak, use larger fasteners.

At home, you can easily replace the thermostat. It requires such actions.

  1. Take the fridge apart and find the thermostat.
  2. Remove the broken part. If it is an electronic model, you must disconnect the sensor from the control unit.
  3. Install a new sensor. In electromechanical models, you need to connect the contacts to the temperature sensor, lower the thermocouple into the evaporator channel and seal the hole. In electronic models, pass the wire with the sensor through the rear wall, connect the wire by soldering it to the control module. Seal the places where the welding was done.
  4. Assemble the body.
  5. Check if everything works. It is recommended to observe the operation of the refrigeration unit for a day or two. If everything is normal, the sensor replacement was successful.

What may require professional repair

Some actions are not possible at home: for this, you must call on a skilled worker. First of all, such breakdowns include clogging of the capillary pipeline. With the help of professional equipment, the system is depressurized, exhaust gases are pumped out and the entire cooling system of the refrigerator is cleaned.

In addition, professional repairs are necessary in the event of a freon leak. Such a refrigerator cannot effectively cool refrigerators and freezers. In drip refrigerators, such a defect occurs as a result of corrosion due to the ingress of melt water into the tubes. In frost-free systems, pipe joints can fail.

You can restore the normal operation of the refrigeration device by soldering the pipes and pouring fresh freon. Such work can only be carried out at service centers.

Also, in service centers you can fix such a problem as a violation of the tightness of the insulating layer of the case. It is not recommended to perform such work at home, since it requires certain skills.

As you can see, some types of refrigerator failures can be successfully repaired at home. If there is no experience in carrying out such repairs at home, it is better to contact a service center.