If you have an old Samsung phone case, update now

into a safety ladder Samsung The smartphone would have allowed hackers to take full control of an infected device. Together with Apple and OnePlus, Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. However, this does not mean that the company’s products are immune to security breaches. The most recent case stands out, but only once, the problems that modern gadgets and connected devices can have.

Cybercrime has increased in recent years, reaching its highest level during the pandemic. According to a recent FBI report, 2021 was a devastating year for cybercrime victims, with people losing nearly $7 billion to online attacks, hackers and hackers. According to reports, phishing, ransomware, spyware, cryptography and many more are among the two most popular cybercrimes of recent years.

New report revealed by the mobile security firm had encrypted A critical security breach on Samsung smartphones was detailed. The vulnerability, identified as CVE-2022-22292, allows hackers to hack into phones, install and uninstall applications, crack HTTPS security by downloading random data certificates, and wipe all user data from scratch. According to the searchers, all this can be done by a single infected application running on the second plan. The issue may be resolved until the application affects Phone Pads and Samsung devices running versions 9, 10, 11, and 12 of Android. According to the report, the affected devices include several Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy A10e. Researchers also tested the Galaxy S8 running Android 8, but were not affected by the vulnerability.

CVE-2022-22292 paragraph Samsung On November 27, 2021, the Korean company prioritized a fix in February 2022. As of now, people using any of the following devices are advised to update their phones with the most recent security updates available. Likewise, Kryptowire recommends that users regularly initiate automated mobile security checks to protect against known security vulnerabilities.

According to Kryptowire CTO Alex Lisle, mobile apps are increasingly favored by hackers and cybercriminals. This is happening because they are now the primary way for people to access the internet and keep in touch with their loved ones. “Active security posture” in time of dependence “Reactive Measures.”

source: it was cryptographic

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