Import email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail

Gmail offers plenty of space, convenient search capabilities, and universal access. You can bring all this utility to your Mozilla Thunderbird email by importing it to your Gmail account. Just a few minutes of setup makes your email accessible, searchable, and securely stored.

Why not just forward your messages?

Sure, you can forward messages, but this is hardly an elegant or fully functional solution. Messages lose their original sender and emails you sent are not sent by you. You also lose some very useful organizational features of Gmail, such as: View conversations that merge emails on the same subject.

Import email from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail with IMAP

Fortunately, Gmail offers IMAP access, a protocol that stores your emails on a server, but allows you to view and interact with them as if they were stored locally (that is, on your device). Fortunately, this also makes importing email a fairly simple drag-and-drop process. To copy your messages from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail:

  1. Set up Gmail as an IMAP account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

  2. Open the folder containing the emails you want to import.

  3. Highlight the messages you want to import. (If you want to import them all, click Ctrl-A or Command-A to select all messages.)

  4. Right-click on one of the messages you want to copy.

  5. In the menu that opens, select Copy to Gmail address folder where you want to import them for instance inbox

  6. You can access your Gmail account outside of Thunderbird to make sure your messages are where you imported them.

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