With the start of the heating season, the housing authorities are in no hurry to heat the houses, okay? A familiar situation for many. The cool air in the apartment does not allow you to feel comfortable, and there is a natural need for an additional heat source. Consider an alternative to a conventional electric heater – an induction cooker.

How to heat a room with a stove

First, let’s look at the principle of operation of the device. The electromagnetic coils of the induction cooker, under the influence of the current and the resulting magnetic field, heat the bottom of the dishes located on the burner.

A distinctive feature of this type of device is that it does not heat up, and the heating process occurs only inside the supplied pan or frying pan.

Using the analogy of cooking, you can independently design an induction heater, the heat source of which will be a single-burner stove.

Any induction hob will help realize the plan. But for more savings, it is recommended to buy the minimum size.

Then you need to buy the following materials:

  • heating radiator (bimetal or any other metal is fine). The number of its sections is calculated based on the size of the heated room;
  • corrugated metal pipe – 1.5 m;
  • to connect the corrugation to the battery – fittings, pipe fittings;
  • a small copper tube to complete the circuit.

The manufacturing process includes the following sequence:

  • the corrugated pipe is bent by hand into a spiral or snail shape;
  • the area of ​​​​the circle should be slightly larger than the diameter of the burner of the induction hob;
  • a closing jumper of a copper tube is soldered at the beginning of the spiral and at its end. Thus, the power transferred from induction will be directed to heating;
  • the resulting circuit is inserted into the radiator, the tubes are reinforced at the inlet and outlet;
  • the battery is filled with water. Preferably pre-cleaned, to avoid the formation of scale and deposits;
  • the spiral of the pipeline is laid on the induction furnace and the device is initially turned on at minimum power. Depending on the model of the device, you can set the required temperature during operation.

In this simple boiler equipment from a classic stove and a classic radiator, the water circulates by gravity thanks to the heating coming from the stove.

Effectiveness of the method

The main disadvantage of induction heating is the considerable cost of such furnaces, and it is also recommended to have the necessary skills to manufacture such equipment.

In addition, there are a number of significant advantages:

  • Efficiency in comparison with an electric heater exceeds it by 3-3.5 times;
  • induction products have a long service life;
  • low power consumption;
  • overall heating costs can be reduced by 30%;
  • the plates are very safe, the risk of fire due to their defect is extremely low.
The owners of these homemade devices note their quiet operation, very comfortable in the evening and at night.

Heating a room with homemade induction mini-boiler equipment is a good idea. But in order for the system to work properly, it is necessary to follow the established sequence, to choose only high-quality materials.

High efficiency, economy and excellent results are the distinctive features of this method.