Inflatable jacks are useful for those who often travel over rough terrain, like to travel off-road, go hunting or fishing by car. With a pneumatic jack you can get off any track. With him, the most dangerous floor areas are not afraid. This article describes the main ways to use a cushion jack.

What is an inflatable car jack

An inflatable car jack is a cushion made of rubberized elastic material. It is kept in a case. When folded, it is very compact. The jack cushion is inflated with air or gas using an external compressor or an exhaust pipe to inflate.

The main technical characteristics of a particular model are indicated in the instruction manual. These features include:

  • pickup height (usually from 50 to 145 mm);
  • lifting height (from 650 to 1000 mm);
  • load capacity (depending on the model, the device is capable of lifting from 1.25 to 5 tons).

Inflatable car jacks with a pneumatic working principle help to lift and hold the car on difficult road sections, for example:

  • on unstable ground (sand, clay, off-road and even in a swamp);
  • on slippery surfaces (in snowy and icy areas);
  • in the absence of flat surfaces where it is impossible to install a mechanical or hydraulic jack;
  • on sloping sites where it is not possible to lift loads with conventional devices.

An inflatable device is useful if necessary:

  • change a wheel
  • get the car out of the rut;
  • lift the car over rough terrain to lay a track with dead wood;
  • put chains on the wheels.
The inflatable pillow can also be used on the construction site. Such a device is useful for lifting and securing loads, as well as for mounting pipe joints.

Pneumatic jacks are very often used in rescue operations.

Advantages and disadvantages of an inflatable jack

SUV and ATV owners who like to drive off-road believe that air jacks have many advantages over conventional jacks.

For example:

  • they are easy to inflate, convenient to store, and rubberized surfaces are perfectly washed off from dirt;
  • in the trunk, such devices take up very little space and do not rattle during transportation;
  • air devices are universal (work on washed-out clay, in snow and on ice);
  • they are much more stable than conventional, mechanical or hydraulic models.

When using inflatable models, it is necessary to observe safety precautions and prevent the car from rolling. If the machine is subjected to lateral pressure when removing the wheel, it may fall.

How to use an inflatable jack

To put the device into action, follow the instructions:

  1. Lay out the protective mat from the kit. Place a rubber jack on top. If necessary, cover it with a second protective mat.
  2. Attach the pillow through a hose to a gas or air source, inflate.
  3. Follow the uniformity of the filling of the pillow. If there is a problem, stop the air supply and adjust the pillow.
  4. After inflation, turn off the air supply, otherwise the excess volume will be vented through the valve.
  5. When carrying out operations, follow the safety instructions and do not leave a lifted load unattended.

An inflatable jack bag will help SUV and ATV drivers get out of any emergency situation. If such a device is in the trunk, you can go on any trip.