Insert a check box in Excel

  1. Make a checklist for everything you need
  2. Create checklist in Excel with checkboxes
  3. How to remove a check box in Excel

Make a checklist for everything you need

Excel is a natural choice for lists and tracking progress, whether you’re putting together a journey or marking tasks for a work project. You can just put an “x” in the column… or you can follow these instructions to insert a handy (and satisfying) checkbox to click when your element is complete! Here’s how to add a checkbox in Excel.

Before you proceed, there is one important thing to understand: Excel Online does not support the checkbox function.

The instructions in this article apply to Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2019 (for Windows), Office 365, and Excel 2008, Excel 2011 (for Mac).

  1. Make sure your ribbon in Excel has a tab Developer . If you don’t, you can add it:

    Click File > parameters: > Customize ribbon and then check the box Developer and press OKAY. n Excel 2010 and later on a PC.

    In Excel 2007 on your PC, click the Microsoft Office Button and select Excel options > Popular > Show the Developer tab on the ribbon.

    For Mac users, go to Excel Settings and choose Developer in the list on the View tab.

  2. On the tab Developer Click Insert and then select the icon Check box .

    Mac users should click the button directly Check box .

  3. In the spreadsheet, click where you want to place the check box. You can start typing right away to change the default text after the checkbox appears, or right click the checkbox to change other attributes.

  4. Checkbox formatting options include fill color, text color, border, and other options when you right click and choose Format management.

  5. All changes to this checkbox must be made with right click ; clicking the left mouse button will check or uncheck the box.

Create checklist in Excel with checkboxes

The Check Box feature on the Developer tab allows you to add only one check box at a time. However, if you have several on your page, you can check multiple boxes and use copy/paste to quickly add more items to your spreadsheet. Doing this is a bit tricky, as regular clicking on the checkbox only checks or unchecks the box.

To copy/paste a checkbox:

  1. Right click above the checkbox and select To copy.

  2. Right click to check the copied checkbox and select Insert.

  3. Then you can right click the checkbox to change text or formatting.

You may find it easier to enter your positions in regular cells on an Excel sheet and then add the checkbox without using the checkbox text. To check the box, click on the text, highlight it and press the key remove on keyboard. Usage Copy paste for duplication, checkboxes are much more efficient and text editing also becomes easier.

How to remove a check box in Excel

Is there a checkbox you don’t want to check anymore? Unchecking the box isn’t immediately obvious, as regular clicking just toggles the check mark on and off.

  1. Right click and check the box you want to remove.

  2. Select cut.

  3. This is it! Just paste it anywhere and the checkbox is now safely removed from your table.

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