Insert a picture into text on a PowerPoint 2010 slide

Let’s face it, what would a PowerPoint presentation be without text on the slides? However, it is likely that you want to limit the text on the slide to as little as possible. To really make your presentation stand out, all you need is simple, descriptive text on your slide and a great image to use as the font color.

  1. Take text from bland to interesting
  2. Fill text with drawing tools
  3. Text Fill Options
  4. Find an image to enter text
  5. End result

Take text from bland to interesting

Using an image as a text fill can help draw extra attention to a slide or even a single word. For this example, we kept the slide background plain white. Chances are you’ll add a background color or design theme to spice up your presentation.

Fill text with drawing tools

Select text on the slide. This will be activated Drawing tools on the adhesive tape † Choosing a “bold” font is usually best for this feature so that more text is visible from within the text.

Press the button Format directly below the button Drawing tools † Note that the ribbon changes to show the button Fill text

Text Fill Options

Press the button Fill text to open all options.

Select Image … from the list.

Find an image to enter text

A dialog box will open Insert picture

Navigate to the folder containing the image you want to use.

Click on the image file. It will now be inserted into the text on the slide.

If you are not happy with the end result, repeat the steps to choose another image.

End result

Inserting an image into PowerPoint text will encourage your audience to take a closer look at your presentation and add a uniqueness that will grab their attention.

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