Insert check box in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers the ability to add a range of special characters to your document, including bullet points, copyright and trademark symbols, different arrow styles, and more. One such available add-on is checkboxes, which can be used in various ways, such as creating a static or interactive checklist.

There are two types of check boxes available in Word: check boxes that merely resemble check boxes that are useful in printed documents, and check boxes that work as such in an application. Learn how to insert both views by following the instructions below.

This guide applies to Word 2010 and later on macOS or Windows operating systems. Anyone using an earlier version is highly recommended to upgrade.

Insert flags for printed documents

Placing flags in a document for display purposes only, whether on paper or on screen, is a very simple process. While you can’t add a check mark to them in Word, they can of course be used as intended on a printed page.

  1. Select the line or lines of text to which you want to add check boxes. If you only want to insert individual fields, you can skip this step.

  2. Click on the tab At home if not already selected.

  3. Select the drop-down list at the button bullets circled in the attached sample screenshot.

  4. When the popup appears marker library Click Define new marker

  5. The dialog should now be displayed Define new bullet , over the main Word window. Press the button Symbol

  6. Dozens of available characters now appear. Scroll up or down until you find a suitable box to use as a check box, and click it once to select it. If you don’t see the option you want, select a different value from the drop-down list Font style (i.e web stuff ) and view additional character sets.

  7. Once your choice is met, click Okay

  8. You are now back to the interface Define new bullet † Select again Okay † If you followed the instructions correctly, one or more flags should be added to your document.

Insert Electronic Document Check Boxes

In addition to the visual symbol as we described above, Word also allows you to add functional check boxes to your document. They can be useful when creating online checklists or other types of forms that require user interaction.

  1. Click File is located in the upper-left corner of the Word interface.

  2. Select parameters:

  3. A dialog should now appear word options One that overlaps other open windows. Click Customize ribbon

  4. In section Customize ribbon choose an option Main tabs from the drop-down menu if not already selected.

  5. Find the parameter Developer and click (plus sign) to the left of his name to expand the list. Then tick the box next to developer by pressing the corresponding . to click checkbox

  6. Click (plus sign) next to the parameter Service to expand his list.

  7. Check box Control of content control and press the button Okay to return to the main Word interface.

  8. Click on the tab Developer which has now been added to the main menu at the top of the screen.

  9. In section Service select icon checkbox

  10. The new checkbox should now be inserted into your document. The main difference between this checkbox and the checkbox we inserted in the previous lesson is that it is active and the user can check it by clicking it once. By default, “X” is placed in the checkbox when clicked. This symbol can be changed, along with many other features of your new checkbox, by selecting it and pressing the button Characteristics is located in the section Service † Here you can change the appearance of both checked and unchecked characters, as well as the behavior of the checkbox itself when used in your electronic document.

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