Insert Column Breaks in Microsoft Word

If you’ve read everything you need to know about columns in Word 2010 and 2007, you’ve learned how to insert columns, adjust column spacing, and even add a line between columns.

However, columns can be a bit frustrating at times, to say the least. You can never get your text the way you want it, maybe you want something specific in the right column and no matter how hard you try you don’t get it, maybe you want your columns to look exactly like this, or maybe you just want to new column at the end of a section jump.

Using column breaks, a gender closely related to section breaks, gives you more freedom and flexibility with your columns!

  1. Insert a column break
  2. Insert Continuous Break
  3. Remove gap
  4. Try it!

Insert a column break

A column break, like a page or section break, puts a hard break at the inserted location and causes the rest of the text to appear in the next column. This type of break allows you to control where the text in the next column breaks.

  1. Click where you want your column to break.

  2. Select column end drop down menu breaks tab page layout v Page Settings. chapter.

Insert Continuous Break

If you want your columns to have an even amount of text, try using a continuous break. A continuous pause provides an even balance of text in your columns.

  1. Click at the end of the column you want to balance.

  2. Select continuous gap drop down menu breaks tab page layout v Page Settings. chapter.

After you insert a section break, every time you add text to a column, Microsoft Word automatically moves the text between columns to make sure they’re balanced.

Remove gap

Maybe you placed a column break that you no longer need, or maybe you inherited a document with a column break that you can’t find. Removing a column break or continuous section break is easy once you see it!

  1. Press the button Show hide tab House In chapter Section to display non-printing characters.

  2. Click the section break.

  3. Click remove on keyboard. Your column break or continuous section break has been removed.

Try it!

Now that you’ve seen what column breaks and continuous section breaks can do for your columns in your document, give them a try. These breaks make it easy to add text and format columns! However, remember that tables are your friend, and if you’re not comfortable with columns, try using a table. They offer great flexibility when placing text.

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