Insert comments in Word

  1. Tell them what you think quickly
  2. Add comments in Word
  3. More tips for comments in Word
  4. Change your name in the comments

Tell them what you think quickly

You can easily insert comments in Word to suggest edits or changes to a document without changing the text of the document. That is how Quickly add comments to any version of Word up to 2010, including Word for Mac and Word Online.

Add comments in Word

Adding a comment to a Word document takes very little time, making it easy to add multiple comments.

  1. Highlight the part of the text you want to respond to. If you don’t want to comment on a particular segment of text, place the cursor next to the part of the document related to your comment. Your comment is made at the cursor position.

  2. Select tab Vision in the ribbon interface at the top of the window.

  3. Select New comment to insert a new comment associated with the selected text or cursor position.

  4. Enter your comment text in the field. When you’re ready to commit the text, select outside the box. The comment will now appear on the right side of the document until it is removed or resolved.

More tips for comments in Word

  • Comments can be edited as plain text, but fewer formatting options are available. Basic changes work, such as making it bold and italic, as well as choosing a font.

  • Images can be added to comments, but the space is so small that it will probably be difficult for the recipient to view them. The width of the highlight area cannot be adjusted, so large images will be cropped on the right side.

  • After commenting, the text remains selected. A dotted line connects the selected text to the comment, which is displayed with the name of the user who created the comment. When another user opens the document, the comments appear as you see them.

Change your name in the comments

All your comments will appear with your name in Word. However, you can change the name and initials that appear at the top of your comments from Word:

  • In Windows, you can change the display name to File > parameters: > Occur often and then go to paragraph Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office. chapter .

  • On macOS, you’ll find the same section under Settings > User information .

Once you have found the above sections, enter your preferred name and initials. Make sure to check the box under your name to let Word use this information; this will overwrite your Office account name and replace it with the name and initials listed here.

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