iOS 15.5 Beta: all the major resources and updates we have so far

Apple has started beta testing iOS 15.5, which includes some minor updates for iPhone users. While Apple makes major iOS launches with new iPhones every September, it also releases new resources, bug fixes, and security improvements over the course of a year due to minor updates. As part of the first iOS i5.5 beta, Apple also launched iPadOS 15.5 Beta 1. The latest versions of both operating systems are expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Apple launched iOS 15.4 in March 2022, a few days before the launch of the iPhone SE (2022). It has many new resources and improvements, including the ability to use Face ID while still using a mask. It also includes a new voice for Siri, digital ID, AirTag anti-streaming improvements, real-time text integration with notes and notes, a new touch source to pay for Apple Digital Wallet, new emojis and much more.

So many new resources have been added in iOS 15.4 that iOS 15.5 only has a minor update. Likewise, there are some notable ads, including the new “Ask” and “Send” buttons on the Apple Cash card in the Wallet app. has been working for a while. However, it is still not available to developers. The most recent iOS beta also includes several references to Apple Classical, the company’s next streaming app focused on classical music. It is hoped that the application is based on the best resources of the Primephonic classical music streaming application, which was acquired by Apple less than a year ago and has since been closed.

alem disso, 9to5Mac The code was also found in iOS 15.5, with additional support for third-party payment options in third-party applications. Support is limited to what the company calls “reading apps,” such as Netflix, Spotify, Kindle, Audible, and many more. Government regulations in many countries force Apple and Google to allow payments for third-party applications, with South Korea becoming the first country to implement this requirement in January 2022. including the inability to easily manage third-party purchases on your iPhone or iPad.

Another change in iOS 15.5 is related to iTunes Pass, which was renamed “Apple Account Card” to better reflect that the balances are also available for purchase in the App Store and not in the app. This change was also initially emphasized 9to5Macalthough not available in iOS 15.5 Beta 1. The Apple Wallet app also started referring to the physical Apple Card as the “Titanium Card”. iOS 15.5the Home app displays a Wi-Fi bar to indicate whether the HomePod is connected to the iPhone.

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