Is Elon Musk Entering Twitter With Your Cryptography Project?

Elon Musk Did you acquire a 9.2% stake in Twitter and thereby become the main shareholder, but did the company’s cryptocurrency project influence your decision? Days before joining Twitter, Musk had expressed an interest in setting up a social media company, launching a survey asking whether Twitter’s algorithms should be open code and champion a more open and democratic social media. Self-proclaimed Embora’absolutists of freedom of speech”, Musk has many interests and hobbies.

It’s no secret that Musk is fascinated and embraces the world of cryptocurrencies. Today, Musk is better known for his work at SpaceX and Tesla, more so than the money used to start these two successful companies in the face of PayPal sales”.instant digital paymentsThe company he helped set up. The decentralized digital finance movement has helped bring Musk back to the person the world knows today, and Musk has never questioned the digital finance revolution or the rise of cryptocurrencies.

In accordance with reports with fioTwitter is shifting its way of doing business and making it immediately available for advertising from receipts to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs as part of its diversification of receipt strategy. According to the narrator, Twitter has a solid future of cryptomoeda in full development. Twitter Crypto is a division of the social media giant that is working to democratize cryptocurrencies and digital activities. While digital maps and online cryptocurrency trading sites struggle to attract thousands of users, Twitter already has a large number of users, including 396.5 million. Now, the company is developing cryptography technology and is quickly entering a trend that Musk is publicly supporting.

The Twitter Crypto team, contracted in November 2021, recently launched a tool that allows users to receive Bitcoin via Lightning to “cryptograph” words on the platform. The team also added a tool that allows users to upload verified NFTs as their profile picture. Twitter users are already sending NFTs and finding ways to move cryptography, but the Twitter Crypto team has formalized them on the platform, which they say is just getting started.

Esther Crawford, product manager of the Twitter Crypto team, said: with fio Twitter is located in “side diversificationTravel. In other words, find new ways to make money. While Twitter mainly monetizes through ad-based businesses, the business already monetizes NFTs and cryptographic resources. For example, Twitter Blue allows users to pay US$2.99 ​​per month pay for NFT-added benefits.The project lead, Tess Rinearson, who is also a member of Twitter’s cryptography team, said: with fio The company is investigating “Twitter“But there is still no router.

Open code algorithms, a decentralized economy, freedom of speech and freedom to create in a free market are the central concepts of the NFT crypto global movement, and the credible team that is Twitter”Trailing cryptomoeda for the masses.Elon Musk, who is respected in several Twitter communities, shares the same values. What motivated is the future of Twitter’s cryptomoeda Almiscar Buying US$2.9 billion in Twitter stock may be something no one knows about, although it’s improvised that Musk was unaware of Twitter’s cryptocurrency plans before buying.

source: with fio

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