Is Elon Musk Really Buying Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola tweets, explained

Just days after signing an agreement to buy Twitter, you can now Elon Musk possibly buy Coca-Cola. If you say that phrase to a five year old, they will probably be olhariam to you as if you were louco. And extensive! Tesla CEO Bought Twitter And Now He’s Trying To Buy Cola-Cola? This is loud talk.

As fate seems, that’s the reality we all live now. The Musk and Twitter saga began in early April, when Musk acquired a massive 9.2% share of Twitter after buying thousands of shares of the company. This is the logo followed by Musk joining (and since not joining) the Twitter council, along with a series of tweets about the Twitter edit and verify button. So, instead of making an offer on April 13 to buy Twitter for about US$43 billion, Twitter accepted the offer on April 25. In short, assuming the deal goes through as promised, Elon Musk will be the sole and private owner of Twitter.

Ever since Musk started talking about his intention to buy Twitter, his Twitter feed has been more interesting to watch than usual. Between tweets about free speech and political memes, Musk’s tweet that shook many people’s heads is one of the billionaire’s desire to buy Coca-Cola† It seems absurd on paper, but in a world where the Elon Musk logo will be Twitter’s donation, is he buying Coca-Cola so absurdly?

But it’s impossible to know exactly where Musk’s head is, and I’m sure his tweets about buying Coca-Cola aren’t as serious as theirs about buying Twitter. For starters, Musk’s first tweet about buying Coca-Cola says: “I’m going to buy Coca-Cola soon to get cocaine.” Of course, this isn’t something that can actually happen. Having an ongoing discussion about other companies Musk could buy after the Twitter acquisition is probably hardly his way of playing the game. Later I must have read this Tweet and said: “@CocaCola Oh oh lol.”

And even for people reading these tweets who think Musk is seriously failing, the math of buying Coca-Cola doesn’t work in Musk’s favor. In April 2022, Coca-Cola’s market value was approximately $284 billion. Musk Valley is estimated to be around $264 billion. And it’s important to note that this is your general liquid heritage — not the money Musk has in hand to buy and buy a company like Coca-Cola.

Will Elon Musk Buy Coca-Cola? It’s impossible to say for sure what a man will do, it’s safe to assume a Musk’s Coca-Cola won’t live up to it. Musk’s tweets suggest he’s on the brink more than anything, math doesn’t work — even though Elon Musk make an offer – it’s hard to imagine accepting coke.

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