It is not a shame to throw away cheap Chinese discs after exhausting their resource. However, the same cannot be said for high-quality discs made in Europe. Unfortunately, they deteriorate quickly after working with the wood. There are several ways to restore the petal discs of an angle grinder. If you often work with this tool, this article is for you.

As a result of prolonged operation, the disk loses its efficiency. And this happens before it wears out at all. It is completely impossible to work with worn materials, as this creates high temperatures and spoils the processed materials.

The problem with recovery is that as the skin wears, the grain and the binding element come off. The most resistant is the fabric impregnated with a binding material.

There is an effective way to restore the health of a worn Petal Grinder Disc. It’s tissue burn. At the same time, the connecting link withstands high temperatures well, but the fabric burns.

When burning, it is best to use a burner. There is no need to feel sorry for the fire, because with its low level the result of the work will be very weak. Burn should be the entire surface of the circle.

The embers that formed after burning the circle are brushed off. After the work is completed, a new surface is obtained. You can see that the rag is burnt and the grains are starting to come out. The effectiveness of such a restored circle will be the same as that of a new one.

It is also recommended to cut out clogged petals from the upper grinding part. They get clogged with paint, tar and all sorts of debris. The cutting is done with a knife. You must grab a petal and cut it before the start of the next line. In the same way you have to do with the second, third, etc. petals. Such work, despite its apparent monotony, does not take much time. However, its result is obvious: the grinding part starts to look like new. The result exceeds all expectations.

During burning and working with a knife, all safety precautions and requirements must be observed.

If you still have old defective petal discs for the grinder, you don’t need to rush to throw them away. With the help of simple tools, you can easily and quickly restore their working appearance. The efficiency of their work will be no worse than a new item that has just been purchased.