With the onset of autumn slush, and especially at night, the headlights of cars go out, driving has become uncomfortable, and the usual wiping with an improvised rag does not bring results? Do not ignore the problem, as it may cause an emergency. Consider options for cleaning the headlights on your own.


  • a How to wash a headlight from the inside
    • 1.1 Cleaning with detergents
    • 1.2 Magnet cleaning
  • 2 How to wash the headlight from the outside
    • 2.1 Removing plate from glass with chemicals
    • 2.2 Toothpaste and oil

How to wash a headlight from the inside

It is necessary to wash the headlights not only from the outside, but no less dust accumulates inside, polluting the device, creating discoloration and light scattering when the lights are turned on in the car.

Cleaning with detergents

For thorough cleaning, it will be more comfortable to remove the glass from the car fixture. However, in most modern vehicles this is not possible (the lenses are not foldable). To clean the interior, you will have to disassemble the entire headlight.

The procedure for removing the device is not difficult. If in doubt, read the headlight suppression technology in your car’s owner’s manual. This is most often done by removing the bumper and grille.

When the device has been removed, it is necessary to unscrew the lamps and reflectors from it. Then you need to stick to a small plan:

  • pour the selected soap solution (diluted car shampoo or dishwasher detergent) without alcohol additives into the device;
  • seal the holes with adhesive tape;
  • shake the headlight until the fluid turns dark in color. Drain the dirty water, repeat the manipulation until it is completely cleaned;
  • wash off the remnants of the soapy solution with distilled water;
  • when it was possible to get rid of dirt, dry the device with a hair dryer (in the minimum heating mode).

Magnet cleaning

The easiest way to clean the headlights is to clean using: two magnets, fishing line, rags (leaving no lint).

The above tips are suitable for removing small stains. In this case, you need:

  • wrap a magnet with a cloth;
  • tie with a fishing line;
  • move inside the headlights;
  • with a second magnet, pull a simple structure onto the glass and press them onto the stain until it is completely removed.

This simple method does not require a lot of time and resources, but it does an excellent job with the tasks assigned to it.

How to wash the headlight from the outside

With proper cleaning of the illuminators from the outside, it will be possible to restore them to “new” condition. There are several ways to do this.

Removing plate from glass with chemicals

The headlights can be polished with car shampoo. The composition of the product does not contain elements that can damage the glass or the bodywork:

  • before starting the procedure, it is necessary to clean the surface from dust, dirt;
  • apply a pre-prepared solution of water and shampoo, leave for 30 minutes;
  • rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water, without leaving traces;
  • hot air dry.

Toothpaste and oil

To restore the dimmed headlights to their original shine, the usual toothbrush will help. The paste is rubbed onto the glass of the headlight with a soft sponge. In order not to scratch the device, handling is carried out with great care, without the use of physical force. At the end, wash off the paste layer with water, dry the illuminator with a hair dryer.

A similar procedure can be performed using sunflower oil. Thus, it is possible to easily soften the hard layers of chemical reagents that have accumulated on the headlights and accidentally ended up on the surface of the device. When cleaning is complete, the oil can be washed off with any kitchen cleaner.

When driving a car, the transparency of the headlights plays an important role. Driving with dirty headlights is extremely dangerous. That’s why you should clean regularly by all means:

  1. inside;
  2. thoroughly wash and polish the exterior.

Applying the advice above will help the driver to drive with properly functioning headlights without creating a risk for himself and other road users.