Is Snapchat Looking for an Easter Egg for 2022? This is what we know

Snapchat Easter egg hunts became very popular in 2018 and will return in 2022 with the arrival of Easter? One of the most fascinating things about Snapchat is how it grew in such a short time. Snapchat was just a simple photo and video sharing app for years. Today it is a huge social platform with infinite resources. You can use Snapchat to play games, find show entries, watch TikTok videos, and much more.

In 2018, Snapchat will do well with the “Big Catch for Snapchat Bears”. Essentially an Easter themed version pokemon go Built on Snapchat. Users can immediately open the map, find these virtues scattered across the US and Canada, and collect as much as possible to reach the highest point. Snapchat will restart the Great Snapchat Egg Hunt in 2019 and later in 2020 as a modified version that users can play at home.

Unfortunately, anyone looking to re-enter Snapchat’s Easter ovo event in 2022 will have to find another way. In response to a Twitter user who asked if he wanted to hunt this one, Respondent’s Snapchat Support Account has the following: “Hello, let’s give Egg Hunt a break this year. Check out this article to learn about some of the other Egg-cellent games available on Snapchat!” In other words, Snapchat’s Easter eggs won’t be caught in 2022 — not even a virtual game you can play at home.

As of now, Snapchat has not given an official reason not to hold an Easter ovo event this year. This could be due to preoccupations with COVID-19, reduced user engagement in 2020, or both. For some reason, Snapchat reacted the same way, not last year, when it canceled its Easter 2021 ovo event — hardly to say it gave the game a “pause.”

What does this mean for 2023? That’s hard to say now. If the COVID cases continue to melt and things look more certain in the coming year, Snapchat will likely be hunting Easter eggs in 2023. However, it’s also possible that Snapchat is ready to turn to Easter eggs and focus elsewhere. The Snapchat caption says it gives them some time “this year”, suggesting the game may return in the future, but a great future thanks to two years of cancellations Snapchat Egg Hunt doesn’t look very rosy.

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