It’s easy to use different page orientations in Word 2013

In Microsoft Word 2013 – and everywhere else – portrait is a vertical layout and landscape is a horizontal layout. Word opens in portrait orientation by default. If you want to display only part of the document in landscape orientation, or vice versa, there are several ways to do this.

You can manually insert section breaks at the top and bottom of the page in a different direction, or you can select text and let Microsoft Word 2013 insert new sections for you.

Insert Section Breaks and Set Orientation

Set the pauses first and then set the orientation. With this method, you don’t let Word decide where the breaks fall. To do this, insert another page section break at the beginning and end of text, table, image, or other object, and then set the direction.

Slices Section break at the beginning of the area for which you want to have a different orientation:

  1. Open a tab page layout

  2. Open drop-down menu breaks in section Page Settings

  3. Select Next page in section breaks

  4. Go to the end of the section and repeat the steps above to set a section break at the end of the story, which will appear in the alternate direction.

  5. Press the button page launcher tab page layout in a group Page Settings

  6. Click Portrait or Landscape tab fields in section Orientation

  7. Select Chapter pick list Apply to

  8. Press the button Okay

Let Word insert section breaks and set orientation

Allowing Microsoft Word 2013 to insert section breaks saves you mouse clicks, but you don’t know where Word will put the section breaks.

The main problem with allowing Microsoft Word to place section breaks is when you miss text selection. If you don’t select an entire paragraph, multiple paragraphs, pictures, a table, or other items, Microsoft Word will move the unselected items to another page. Therefore, if you decide to follow this path, be careful in choosing the items you need. Select the text, pages, images, or paragraphs you want to change to portrait or landscape.

  1. Carefully select any content you want to appear on a page or pages in a different orientation from the rest of the document.

  2. Press the button Page Layout Starter tab page layout in a group Page Settings

  3. Click Portrait or Landscape tab fields in section Orientation

  4. Select Selected text pick list Apply to

  5. Press the button Okay

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