Keep a daily diary and track your goals with Evernote

Here are some ideas for more effective journaling in Evernote. Many productivity experts talk about the benefits of keeping an academic, professional, or personal journal. This little habit can keep you focused on your goals, helping you overcome any frustrations or challenges. It can also show you how far you have progressed.

  1. Track educational, business, or personal progress with Evernote diary apps
  2. 10-step approach to goal setting and tracking
  3. Use Third-Party Diary Apps with Evernote
  4. Use the KustomNote Journal Template

Track educational, business, or personal progress with Evernote diary apps

Keeping track of your goals may include checking your journal daily or weekly, or you may need a more complete strategy, as described below.

10-step approach to goal setting and tracking

Evernote maintains a blog of resources you may be interested in. For more information about each of these steps, see the article that expands on each of the following steps.

1. Write clearly
2. Share goals (by creating a shared note for others to view or edit)
3. Digital Inspiration (with Evernote Web Clipper to easily save search results)
4. Daily Goals (With Evernote on all devices, you can visit goals during a busy day, whenever it suits you)
5. Monthly Review
6. Record tasks (using checkboxes with checkboxes and reminders)
7. When lightning strikes, shoot it (again, running Evernote on all your devices instead of relying on your memory)
8. Increase focus (by marking certain priority tasks or notes with “Focus” or something similar so that you can find them even if they are in different notebooks).
9. List of completed works (by tagging completed items with the tag “Done” instead of using the checkbox list system if you think you need to search for completed items later)
10. Take the time to think

Whatever your goal strategies, it’s important to tailor your use of Evernote in a way that makes sense to you.

Use Third-Party Diary Apps with Evernote

Sometimes a few extra bells and whistles can go a long way, too. The following third-party tools can be used with Evernote:

  • Fantastic day. This is a fun journal or diary app for iPhone as it comes with add-ons such as photo frames, themes, special fonts and more as well as tags and other useful features.

  • Journal for Evernote (iOS): Gosubits for Evernote offers this inexpensive app to help you stay organized by creating just one note a day for you. So you can look back on everything you shoot every day in a simple journalistic format. You just launch the application and write your notes. For example, the application sends them to an Evernote notebook labeled “My Journal”. Just now!

  • SnapWriter: If you want some bells and whistles in a journal app, this might be for you. In addition to creating and syncing journal entries in your Evernote account, users can also add photos, sync cursor position edits, import existing Evernote notes into SnapWriter, set a password lock, use automatic text via TextExpander, choose a theme, use shortcuts, and more.

Use the KustomNote Journal Template

Evernote users already know how to create their own note templates, which can then be used for new notes. It just comes down to keeping an empty shell document rather than filling it with changes for notes on hand. Of course, it may take some effort to format the template note.

Therefore, you may also be interested in out-of-the-box third-party solutions that let you do more. For example, the popular site KustomNote offers journal note templates and more for Evernote.

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