League / lock button to lock the phone? How to do this on iPhone and Android

One of the most frustrating experiences you can have while answering the phone iphone Or the Android phone disconnected unexpectedly. It turns out to be surprising and intriguing. In some cases, a loss of signal from a cell can result, but as network coverage continues to improve, the user is more likely to accidentally press the competition/connect button on the phone.

The era of the smartphone expanded in mobility, like a car. While a car can enable a person to travel long distances, an iPhone or Android phone can do this without losing touch with friends, family and colleagues. Watching TV shows, surfing the web and checking emails from a remote location is a modern wonder.

Of course, smartphones can also make and receive calls, which are generally very reliable. Unfortunately, pressing the league/disconnect button may accidentally disconnect an ongoing call. Google should be aware that this behavior can be a problem for some users. On Android phones, this resource can be disabled in the Configurations application in the Accessibility section in System Controls. Once the toggle key is found, its use is clear and rotated as “League/play button to close call”. Disable it to leave the competition/connect button in suspension mode without disconnecting the call. match The iPhone has taken a different approach.

There’s no option to change if the side button encloses a call on the iPhone, but that’s generally not a problem. It is not even necessary to put the cloth on the recliner or block the iPhone after answering a call. The dust is removed when the iPhone is close to the hearing and then cleared again when the hearing is closed. This prevents the buttons on the fabric from being accidentally clicked when held against the ear and the side buttons are disabled. When you plug it back in, press the side button to turn on the call, and only once, you can accidentally unplug the plug, and when you take the iPhone out of the ear, you can switch to high speed or use the disconnect keyboard.

To use the iPhone in high-end mode or in listening phone mode, the side button puts the fabric into hang-up mode as expected, but doesn’t disconnect. If the connection is accidentally disconnected due to some problem, it is better to use the live voice option or connect a listening phone, which will allow the side buttons to function normally. Android phones also don’t work with sidebars. If the league/disconnect button is activated, it doesn’t matter if you are using an audio or live voice phone. The call is still disconnected. Even if the phone is not heard, pressing the league/disconnect button will block the call. Android has more options, but in this case iphone It just works better.

source: google, maçã

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