Learn why Gmail has categorized a message as important

  1. Flags of Interest in Gmail
  2. Why did Gmail mark the conversation as important?
  3. Possible reasons to classify email as important
  4. Unhide the priority flag for incoming messages

Flags of Interest in Gmail

Gmail Priority Inbox can categorize an email from your boss, an update from a blog you follow, and a forwarded joke from your elderly aunt as important. Obviously one is more important than the other.

So how is Gmail wrong? Fortunately, you can follow the directions quite easily and help Gmail “learn” how to categorize your email more precisely.

Why did Gmail mark the conversation as important?

Google uses complex algorithms to determine importance but makes it easy to see the reasons. To understand why Gmail has determined that a particular email is important enough to make your Priority Inbox:

  1. Hover your mouse over the severity marker that appears before the message in the list or after the subject when you open the message.

  2. Wait for text to appear briefly explaining how to score Gmail messages when you hover over the flag.

  3. Click the flag to “teach” Gmail not to categorize this email and others it cares about.

Possible reasons to classify email as important

Below the explanation you can see in the above procedure:

  • words in a message. You may have flagged similar emails that were important in the past, or the message may call for action.

  • People talking. You regularly exchanged emails with the sender or constantly marked their emails as important.

  • Your interaction with messages in a conversation. You have taken action on these messages in the past.

  • You marked it as important.

  • It is shipped directly to you. Messages sent to more than one person are usually lower in the hierarchy of importance, while messages that only have you in the recipient list are considered more important.

  • You often read messages with this label.

  • Magical Gmail Sauce. You can see this in older posts marked as important.

Unhide the priority flag for incoming messages

Follow these steps to enable the yellow priority tag for messages marked important in Gmail:

  1. Follow this link Settings in Gmail.

  2. Select Mailbox priority.

  3. Make sure the section Important markings selected Show markers .

  4. Click Saving Changes .

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