Let Google Tasks make your life easier

  1. Use the task manager hidden in your Gmail inbox
  2. How to use Google Tasks in Gmail
  3. Access Google Tasks in Calendar
  4. How to use Google Tasks as a task manager for work
  5. Using Google Tasks on your mobile device

Use the task manager hidden in your Gmail inbox

Google Tasks makes organizing your to-do list a lot easier because it’s built right into your Gmail account. You don’t need to download any special software to use it, so you can start making lists and checking items right away. While Google To Do is a simplified version of the Task Manager, it has all the features most of us need to create to-do lists.

How to use Google Tasks in Gmail

Google Tasks coexists with your Gmail inbox, so you’ll need to open Gmail in a web browser before you can use it. Google Tasks works in all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open Gmail in a browser.

  2. Choose an icon Google Tasks – a blue round icon – in a narrow bar on the right side of the Gmail screen. If the panel is not visible, click the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to open it.

  3. In the Tasks window that opens, select + Add task to add a new task to the list, or click the circle to mark the task as complete.

  4. Hover over a task in the list to reveal a pencil. Tap the pencil to edit the task, add subtasks, or set a date and time for the task. Rearrange your to-do list by dragging and dropping items.

  5. To add a new list, click on the name of the current list and select Create a new list † You can create as many different lists as you want.

Access Google Tasks in Calendar

One of the features that makes Google Tasks so useful is its integration with Google Calendar and Gmail. You can add to your Google to-do lists or set a date for what to do from your Gmail inbox and the information will show up in the Google Calendar app along with your other events, appointments, and notifications.

By default, Google Calendar shows reminders instead of tasks. To enable calendar tasks:

  1. Open Google Calendar and sign in with your Google account

  2. Check the box next to tasks on the left panel. To assign a color to tasks, select the icon Lake next to tasks and choose a color. All tasks that you assign a date to appear in your calendar.

  3. Open the list Tasks in Calendar, just like in Gmail, by selecting the blue circle icon in the narrow right pane.

  4. Create new items or edit existing ones, just like tasks in Gmail. Any changes you make appear in Tasks in both places.

How to use Google Tasks as a task manager for work

If you mainly send and receive business email through Gmail, Google Tasks makes it easy to get things organized. One of the most powerful features of Google Tasks is the ability to attach an email to a specific task. You can do this when you’ve opened an email:

  1. Open the email (or put a check in the email box).

  2. Press the button Lake – three vertically aligned dots – at the top of the Gmail screen.

  3. Choose from the menu Add to tasks

When you add an email as a task, Google uses the subject line of the email as the title of the task. It also provides an email link that will take you to that particular email address.

The ability to view a list of tasks, mark completed items, and receive the associated email immediately makes Google Tasks a good work manager for people who regularly use Gmail.

Using Google Tasks on your mobile device

Google Tasks is a great list editor for many of the same reasons as a good task manager: accessibility and integration with both Gmail and Google Calendar. Your partner can send you an email that you are out of eggs and you can add eggs to your shopping list using Google To Do.

But to be a good shopping list manager, you need access to Google Tasks (and your shopping list) on your smartphone. Task apps are available for iOS and Android mobile devices. They work similar to Tasks on the desktop and any changes you make to the smartphone apps are synced with Gmail and Calendar.

  1. Click on the application Tasks to open it.

  2. Click three horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen to select one of your to-do lists.

  3. Select a list (in this case, a shopping list).

When you shop, click on the circle for each item. Never come home with nothing on your list.

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