Like not liking a song on Spotify – everything you need to know

Everyone knows how to love music in Spotify, but how much do you dislike them? For many apps today, like/dislike is a fairly common source. For a long time, it was the main way people enjoyed YouTube videos. Reddit posts are centered on posts with positive and negative votes. Even Twitter has expressed interest in implementing an anti-corruption tool.

While these social networking apps use likes and dislikes so that people vote for content you like or are comfortable with, liking music on Spotify is a little different. If someone listens to a song and likes it a lot, you can tap the heart icon next to this music to ‘like’ it. All such music appears in this person’s library in such music’s playlists, this helps train Spotify to play similar music and generally makes everyone have the same experience more personalized. One of the greatest strengths of Spotify is creating playlists/stations based on everyone’s listening preferences and, if they like music, users can help train this algorithm to understand them better.

Catching music on Spotify is very easy, but how much don’t you like them? Spotify embraces a non-existent source of traditional dislike and allows users to “hide” music and artists – essentially the equivalent of wanting nothing. Spotify is not the name of the dislike button, but the user is the same. If you find music you don’t like, tap the hidden button to tell Spotify how to play it and play less music. Simply putting this on paper, finding the hidden/dislike button varies depending on how you listen to Spotify.

For people who use the free version of Spotify, don’t like Spotify music is the following. Open the Spotify app, play a song and open the playback screen. Here you should have a ” icon to the right of the play/pause button. Touch the button and it will prevent the music from appearing in the album, playlist or specific station. This dislike/hide button should appear in all music, be it in an album, playlist, Daily Mix, etc.

Strangely enough, it can be harder to “dislike” such music as a contributor to Spotify Premium. To listen to something in the iOS app, users just need to tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the fabric and then tap “Music Cutting.” On Android, the ” button should appear on the music player in the same way it would for free users. It’s not clear why Spotify has two different interfaces like this, but it’s like it’s configured.

It is also worth noting that the dislike/hide resource does not exist in the web player or Spotify desktop applications. The source has always been limited to Spotify for Android and iOS. You can expect that to get boring in the future, but in the meantime, it’s like Spotify is trying to do things.

But that’s not the only way to dislike music on Spotify. If someone searches for a song on the search page, you can tap on the music and then we have three dots on the music page. You will then see an option other than ‘Don’t play this music’. It works in a slightly different way to obscure music, blocking the music from all playlists/stations you apply once it is obscured by a specific one. Similarly, users can search for an artist, visit the Spotify page, tap our three dots, and tap “Do not reproduce this artist.” As a previous method, this tells Spotify not to reproduce that artist in a playlist, station, etc. where it normally appears.

Overall, the idea of ​​not liking/hiding music on Spotify might do some work. It does the job a lot more than you need to look, but this is something Apple Music, YouTube Music and others would do better. This article should at least be a tornado, but easier to understand. Continue curtindo Spotifygrab our hits and don’t hesitate to open the dislike/hide button when a fan appears.

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