Looking back at Yahoo Chat Rooms

  1. They are no longer available, but that’s how they used to work
  2. Yahoo Chats folder
  3. A Closer Look at Yahoo Chats

They are no longer available, but that’s how they used to work

In the early days of online chat rooms, some of them were difficult to navigate at first. But with a little guidance, Yahoo Chat was both easy and fun to use.

Free Yahoo Chats was available on Yahoo Messenger, but that service was discontinued in July 2018. The information in this article shows how Yahoo Chats used to work.

Looking for an alternative to Yahoo Chat? A few sites allow private video chatting, and others allow users to access public webcams for free.

Yahoo Chat Directory

Below is a more detailed overview of the Yahoo chat folder, the first thing you see when you open chats in Yahoo Messenger.

1. Chat Categories

From this menu you can navigate between 17 categories and 39 subcategories of Yahoo chat rooms. When you click on a category, the available songs are displayed on the opposite panel of the window.

2. Chat Rules
By clicking this link, you learned more about the rules governing the actions and actions of users in each room.

3. Go to the room
After selecting your Yahoo Chat Room, select its name and click “Go to Room” to open the chat.

4. Yahoo Rooms panel
In this menu you can switch between different Yahoo Chat rooms for each category.

5. Number of webcam users
In the Yahoo Rooms panel, you can see the number of users in the room where the webcam is connected and enabled.

6. Number of chat users
In addition to each Yahoo Chat title, you can also view the number of users in a particular chat room at that time.

7. Chat Aliases
You can protect your identity when using Yahoo Chats by creating nicknames in your Messenger account settings.

A Closer Look at Yahoo Chats

Below we take a closer look at the functionality in Yahoo Chats.

1. Chat room name
In the top-left corner of the window, you’ll find the name of each Yahoo chat room you’ve opened.

2. “Actions” menu
In the Actions menu, you will find a number of features that allow you to share and chat with other Yahoo Chat users, including webcam, voice chat, file sending, and text chat.

3. Chat Area
Every message sent to Yahoo Chat appeared here.

4. Text/Emoji Area
To personalize your Yahoo chat experience, you can add Yahoo emoji and make text bold or italicized and use different fonts or colors.

5. Text field
Messages are entered here to send them to the chat room.

6. Report Abuse
You can click this link to report inappropriate chat activity.

7. Chat Users
In this panel you can see the users who are currently using the room you were in.

8. Webcam Users
Connected webcam users are marked with a TV icon next to their nickname.

9. Speech/Audio Users
Audio users are marked with a Yahoo emoji with a headphone icon next to their nickname.

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