Mark Zuckerberg still looking for ‘iPhone moment’

meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is still looking and hoping to have his own “iPhone moment”, launching a product that will change the company and update its public image a little damaged. With the launch of the iPhone, Apple has made thousands of changes to consumer technology, and the results are enough to impress day after day with just one gadget to check messages or take photos. The iPhone is the “everything” device, and that’s exactly the role Zuckerberg wants Meta’s augmented reality eyes to lose on the next big thing to remodel the world.

After a while, Meta Platforms changed its name to Facebook, one of the world’s largest social media networks and products the company currently has. This is highly prestigious, but the recent history of privacy violation investigations and the under-spreading of “fake news” may have played a role in the rebranding. The changes to Meta primarily signal the company’s intent to focus heavily on the Metaverse concept and extend the virtual reality experience to VR phones, including augmented reality hardware and software.

The concept of Meta and its Metaverse has been unveiled for nearly six months, and the rising sea may have eliminated a spate of AR and VR ads from several companies that don’t want to go back. Meta has many resources and the importance of your ads can accelerate the pace of the industry as a whole. However, this is not the kind of influence Zuckerberg wants. beira Speaking to an ex-Meta employee, he says Zuckerberg wants Meta’s next AR eyes to have an “iPhone moment.” When companies follow money, it is much more difficult to influence consumer opinion. There is certainly not enough demand at this point to support the innovation and investment needed to advance the Metaverse. Again, it takes a leap of faith, and Zuckerberg is ready to make that defection with Meta, as Facebook subsidizes the cost of its US$300 Oculus Quest VR listening phone, which should cost a lot more, and developers or enough funds to develop games to create a fun experience.

Meta has revealed plans to launch a new head-mounted monitor, Project Cambria, in 2021. It will be an advanced AR/VR headset that will eventually increase the price of US$300 for the company’s last two headsets. The Cambria, taller and taller, will showcase extensively enhanced AR resources compared to Quest, with its pixelated black and white footprint. These aren’t the AR eyes that can undo a revolution in mobile technology, so the product is expected to be more bulky than the ground eyes. Instead, it should be a big step in the right direction and provide developers with a platform to test AR solutions that will be integrated into future Meta hardware.

Meta’s long-term plans for “The Next Big Thing” turn into AR eye-catchers and an innovative user interface that uses a wrist-mounted controller to interact with a virtual environment that will be overrun with a real physical environment. AR glasses are like sunglasses or graduated lenses, but they can appreciate what you see with images and text, just like a smartphone can display a camera image with instructions. Receive notifications and alerts without reaching into your wallet or raising your wrist. This also seems important, and if Meta manages to do this in a feasible way, avoiding any sort of unavoidable privacy issues, Zuckerberg and Yuan There may even be an “iPhone moment”.

source: Beira

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