Mastodon App: A Decentralized Social Network Explained

mastodon is a social media application available for iPhone and Android that offers a new experience through a “decentralized” social network. It certainly looks intriguing, many other social networks have already been established including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, each with a huge user base. However, they are all a bit overloaded with ads, spam and other abuse.

In the early days of the internet, forums were where people were already talking about different topics and each had its own set of rules and systems. They were a bit like a collection of independent cafes, each with a unique atmosphere. Launching Facebook as a platform that connects everyone is an innovative solution that has launched today and has seen massive growth in just a few years. Meanwhile, some others have been very successful, while many fail, without a growth load sufficient to bear the high cost of starting a new network.

Another solution to pay the bills is part of the single Mastodon tower. Your free software and open code can be used by any developer to create your own application. There are official Mastodon applications for iOS and Android, as well as a progressive network application that allows access with a desktop browser. It is a truly multi-platform social networking service that works on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. Another unique aspect of Mastodon is that it is decentralized meaning it does not have any entity hosting servers covering their servers. While Zuckerberg controls Facebook and Musk buys Twitter, Mastodon is made up of several ‘Instancias’ or servants, each with his own servants. For example, some are limited to guests, some allow adult content, and several languages ​​are supported. Most servers require ads, but some are allowed. Each has the ability to connect to other servers and share messages with the main network, but there are also independent private servers.

Advertising and signature taxes have been raised in a global awareness that is easy to suspect when an application or service is rolled out as free. Mastodon is largely ad-free and has no subscription fees for users. Here it is, there are no operational issues. Conditional development costs have to be collected, at least the developers have the time. Storing text, photos and videos for thousands of users can be easily saved, and the loads on Internet connections to transfer terabytes of data can be quickly increased.

This is where a decentralized system comes in. Each server takes care of its own customers. In many cases, the money needed to operate a server is funded by its members. mastodonas a decentralized social network, it cannot fail, cannot be sold and cannot be blocked by governments because of its distributed nature, and that is part of what the tower is about.

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