Meta Retail lets you work with stories from Quest, Portal and Ray-Ban

O Metal in short, in line with the social media giant best known on Facebook. In the first Meta store, interested shoppers can use their virtual reality products, as well as your video card device and eyes that the user can record. The idea is no doubt to generate more interest in these consumer products, but now they are clearly selling at a low rate.

In 2018, Facebook launched Portal, the bate-papo video device featuring Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa. The company could have hoped that the low-cost solution would become an important item. At that time there is a malfunction. While reviewers have criticized the quality and ease of use, potential privacy concerns have always been discussed as Facebook has not been scrutinized. Things will change in 2020, however, as a pandemic increases the need for distance communication, fueling interest and showing that an idea often takes longer than expected.

Meta has announced its first store, where shoppers can experiment with the Quest VR headset, the Portal video communication hub and the Ray-Ban Stories video capture screens. Located in Burlingame, California, near the headquarters of Meta’s Reality Labs, it could be the start of a new plan to spark interest in the Metaverse company’s vision. Meta rated the 1,550-square-foot store as small or enough to provide a comprehensive experience, with plenty of help from senior staff. The Meta Store is located at 322 Airport Boulevard and will open on May 9, 2022 at 11 a.m. Pacific time. It dates to 6pm, which could take up to seven hours before it could potentially be a very busy store for the first few days. While Meta encourages developers to help build a virtual world, this brick-and-mortar store can help make it a reality.

The Meta Quest 2 earphones are much more popular than the original Oculus Quest or the Rift earphones that preceded it. However, the number of users is less than would be necessary to increase Metaverso. According to the most recent supplier of supplier Meta Qualcomm, sales of about 10 thousand Quest 2 phones by the end of 2021. Obviously, many manufacturers are in service with 10 thousand units sold. However, this is nothing compared to Meta’s investment in platform construction.

Currently, Meta Quest 2 is the leading solution for virtual reality. At an incredibly low price of US$300, it offers an experience that cannot be reproduced even with the wider widescreen monitors. Looking for a top, bottom, or turn, the RV world is all over the place to use a Quest headset. It should be very popular as it is the most immersive experience possible. However, most consumers buy a game console or a PC. Talvez, hands-on demonstrations of Quest 2 in one Metal will be more convincing.

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