Methods for searching email

Use easy search and filters to find messages in

Search for email in your Outlook email in an account on the web in a quick and easy way, or in a thorough and layered way. Use the simple search field to find phrases, subjects, senders and dates. Then use filters to narrow down the results. For advanced and accurate searches, enter’s search operators directly into the search box.

The instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Search to find emails quickly and accurately

To search for email in Outlook Mail on the web:

  1. Go to the field Search † If you are using Outlook keyboard shortcuts, press Alt+Q

  2. Enter the words you want to search for and click Enter † Or choose one of the autocomplete options.

  3. Outlook Mail has several search operators:

    • From: † Search for sender names and addresses in a string From
    • To who † Find recipient names and addresses in a string To who
    • Subject † Searches for subject lines and displays email messages with the specified words (word order doesn’t matter).
    • OR † Look for posts on topics that contain one word or the other. For instance, train OR bicycle finds posts with the subject “train” or “bike”.

    Outlook searches in the fields To copy And Hidden copy

  4. To focus on a specific location, select Filters and then select the desired location if it has investments or specific dates.

  5. Add additional search terms using search operators, such as searching for a specific sender.

  6. When you see the search result you want, select the message to view it.

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