Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 File Explorer Finally Has Manuals

Microsoft has announced several new ones Windows 11 Resources, including a new Explorer tutorials interface that users have been asking for for years. The integrated file explorer in Windows usually works well, but it’s not the resource-rich, especially when compared to third-party alternatives. One of the fundamental complaints about this is the lack of an interface with abas as the web browser, something that Microsoft now promises to correct in a future update.

Windows 11, the most recent version of Windows launched a year ago, has been widely received by printers and users. It comes with an updated UI and many new notable resources, including native support for Android apps, a redesigned start menu, and much more. It also comes with a redesigned file explorer, which Microsoft claims is best for work and productivity. The manual interface will be more powerful and intuitive than ever.

On the third day, Microsoft announced several changes to Windows 11’s native file explorer, including a new interface with guides. “Driving in the Clouds” and allow user to view all files “A central place.” The new file explorer also allows users to recover files and create tutorials, reducing the number of clicks needed to access and paste important files. Official Windows channel on YouTube. A video has also been released showing the new search feature shows, users can right click on a file and select “Add to Favorites” to fix it.

Windows 11 File Explorer guides look and act like browser guides, and users need to click the “more” sign at the top of the File Explorer window to open a new guide. The source came a while ago when Windows Insider discovered the Dev channel, this is the first time Microsoft has officially confirmed it. At its third Windows virtual event, the company says it will launch a file explorer with redesigned guides for all users “On a certain moment”, Embora has no defined chronogram in phase.

Among the tools in File Explorer, Microsoft has announced or demonstrated several other new resources for hybrid work, including improvements to the videochamada tool. janelasAnother area that will be appreciated is Focus Assist (now called “Focus”), which will be integrated into the Action Center, allowing users to launch Focus Sessions before opening the Clock application. Then there’s the Live Captioning source for all systems, which transcribes all audio to your PC, including video streaming. Finally, Microsoft is also introducing new security resources, including Smart App Control, which allows only trusted applications to run on the PC.

source: Microsoft, Windows/YouTube

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