Microsoft Edge offers a free VPN service, but it’s only 1 GB

Microsoft is working on adding a VPN service to your Edge browser on desktops. Originally launched for Windows 10 users in 2015, Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 11. The browser was originally based on Microsoft’s EdgeHTML mechanism, but has since moved to Chromium – the open coding software that supports Google Chrome and many others. . leading browsers, such as Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, etc.

VPNs, or virtual private networks, are often used by people to anonymize their ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or to hide the location of applications and sites to access services that are not available in your country. VPN services cost a penny and, while many come with a subscription fee, others are available for free. Even many of the two premium VPN services offer a free tier, usually with backups such as lower data buckets and other usage restrictions.

According to a Microsoft support page, the Edge browser in short has an integrated VPN service called Microsoft Edge Secure Network. The service is being tested on the latest built-in Edge Canary and is available to a wide range of users. The VPN, which is powered by Cloudflare, will be free to use as long as there are some hidden substances users have in mind. First of all, there is only 1 GB of free usage per month, so users who want to use the service to stream movies to multiple GB or download games for free can quickly clear these thoughts. The second question is that users must log in to their Microsoft account in order to use the free service. On the plus side, it encrypts the transaction through one of the world’s largest DNS providers, preventing online streaming by an ISP or malicious agents.

Microsoft may not offer a premium level of its VPN service with more reasonable running costs, but it very well could be, as this is the business model of most VPN service providers. But as of now, in terms of minimal use, along with the admission requirement, torna is a relatively niche service.

As if that weren’t enough, the service lacks some basic VPN resources, such as the ability to switch servers. This means that the Microsoft Edge VPN service cannot be used to parse geo-blocked content in streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The only thing that will work is to unlock content blocked by the ISP. Complete VPN services, even most of them free, offer an infinite number of servers in dozens of countries for you to choose from. Most of them also offer usage rates that are significantly higher than that by Microsoft 1GB per month.

Source: Microsoft

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