Microsoft Edge surpasses Safari as the world’s second most popular browser

According to the most recent data, Microsoft board has become the second most popular desktop browser in the world after Google Chrome. Safari has become the most popular browser on Apple platforms, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads, while the Chrome domain has been around for a long time on Windows and Android.

Built on Microsoft’s EdgeHTML mechanism and launched in 2015 for Windows 10, the original Microsoft Edge doesn’t seem to win much of a deal with users due to less than standard and lack of third-party extensions. Meanwhile, the move to Chromium makes it great for the browser, thanks to a faster rendering mechanism and wider compatibility with extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

In accordance with data from the analysis company Statistician, Microsoft Edge overtook Apple’s Safari as the second most used desktop browser in the world, with a market share of 10.07% in April 2022. Safari took third place with a market share of 9.61%, while Google Chrome remained the site dominate with a turnout of 66.64 percent. Mozilla’s open code Firefox browser took fourth place with 7.86% of the global browser market, while Opera completed the top five with 2.43% market share. Strangely enough, Internet Explorer is very outdated and in the past it still had a market share of 0.97%.

Oddly enough, most of the top five navigators seem to have held steady over the past 12 months, meaning no one has seen a significant increase or decrease in their users. However, there were some swings, with Edge apparently being the main beneficiary, improving a market share of 7.96% in April 2021. However, since the beginning of this year, Firefox has lost a significant number of users, after launching regular updates, bug fixes, security enhancements, and bug fixes. In January, the navigator had a market share of 9.18 percent, which improved to 9.47 percent in February, but has since risen to less than 8 percent.

Chrome again dominated the market on the mobile side with a huge market share of 63.57% in April 2022. Safari came in second with a market share of 24.82%, while Samsung Internet was the third most used navigator with a share of 4.9% . Opera was the fourth most popular browser on mobile phones at 1.88%, while the UC navigator rounded out the first five with a market share of 1.41%. Oddly enough, Firefox was just in place with just 0.53% participation, while Microsoft board does not suggest not to be among the new first, which may reflect that many people simply use the pattern navigators on their mobile devices when installing a third-party application at your school.

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