Mute or unmute a conversation in Gmail

  1. If you mute a message, you can ignore future replies
  2. Turn off a Gmail conversation
  3. How to unmute in Gmail
  4. Archiving vs Muting

If you mute a message, you can ignore future replies

Gmail makes it really easy to ignore or “mute” a conversation to immediately archive the entire thread so you don’t get any more notifications for those messages.

This will put the current conversation in a folder All emails along with any future responses shared in this thread. Emails are automatically routed through the folder inbox and only appear in the folder All emails or when searching for a message.

To stop muting a specific conversation, just select the option Turn on sound

Turn off a Gmail conversation

Muting a conversation takes just three clicks.

  1. Open the message you want to ignore.

  2. Use the menu Lake to select an option mute sound

Another option is to mute the email with a keyboard shortcut. Just open the message and press the key m † Disable multiple messages at once by selecting them all from the list and then using the option Lake mute sound

How to unmute in Gmail

Muted messages are sent to a folder All emails so if you don’t have access to the email you want to record, you need to find it first.

In this case, just search for the message itself using criteria such as the sender’s email address, message body, subject, etc. However, an easier way is to just search for all the muted messages in your account.

In the search bar at the top of Gmail, type:

  is: muted  

The results only show muted emails.

  1. Open the message you want to record.

  2. Select Lake Turn on sound to stop disabling this theme.

  3. Or just click X Near modest to start the conversation.

To enable multiple messages at once, select them all from the list of disabled messages, then and then select Lake Turn on sound

If you want a recently recorded email to be posted back in inbox or to another folder, you have to drag it manually or use the option Move to folder icon).

Archiving vs Muting

Message archived sent to folder All emails to ensure cleanliness incoming but any replies sent to you during this conversation will be returned to the button inbox

Message muted will also be sent to the folder All emails but all comments remain ignored and do not appear in inbox † You need to manually find and check muted emails if you want to be notified of replies.

That’s why the mute function is useful: it allows you to mute messages without deleting emails or blocking senders.

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