NASA finds Astrovan replacement in EV Canoo

Canoo, an electric car brand known for its futuristic and weird cars, is coming NASA Sign a contract to build the next generation of astronaut transport. Canoo has big shoes for preencher. From Apollo to two spaceplanes, NASA’s iconic vans transport astronauts for their flights in different directions. The famous astronaut used in the 1980s only spent 24,000 miles in 24 years of service, so it was only used to take astronauts to platform launches.

NASA’s preparations are well underway to measure the Artemis mission and the return of two people to it. The space agency is upholding tradition and transporting astronauts to the launch pad in modified vans is one of them. Companies show a chance to come back since NASA opened a contract for human transport ships in late 2021.

In accordance with reports Bloomberg, Canoo was selected by NASA to build the van to transport the Artemis crew for missions to Earth and Mars. A small logo for electric car startup will go down in history as the manufacturer of the first official Astrovan electric. Canoo won a US$147,855 contract to build at least one Artemis Crew carrier, with very specific NASA-listed equipment and armament requirements.

NASA requires zero-emission passes of at least 8 inches and a minimum distance of 50 kilometers. The craft must accommodate at least four astronauts during the entire flight. You will also be accompanied by a motorist, a transportation technician, a director of flight operations and a security services agent. NASA has its own standards and requirements regarding equipment capacity and payload. The weapon should be close to the senses and easily accessible. The luggage that the astronauts will carry in the van will contain four malas with capacitors and other equipment. There must be room for four ice-based storage units, a bag of equipment for technical luggage, a bag of pillowcases and at least two cubic feet of additional passenger storage space.

NASA explained that the Artemis mission ship must have doors for easy access and signage for the crew, secondary signage for emergencies and CPR, and adequate water based on the fluoride climate throughout the year. The vehicle must also be equipped with 12 VCC power connectors, which are located next to the four astronaut stations. NASA The Canoo is due for delivery in June 2023, well ahead of its scheduled test flight from Artemis 2 in 2024.

source: Bloomberg,, NASA

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