NASA’s SLS Moon Fog Fuel Test

NASA Tests conducted for the foguete Space Launch System (SLS) have been suspended to allow the agency to make repairs. The process of launching a fire for the Artemis 1 moon mission was complicated and took 48 hours to complete. This is the third attempt to complete the phase test before the official launch. Part of the process is cleaning the fire. About 7 hours after launch, the team began to cool and soak the liquid hydrogen slowly, then quickly. So after about four hours, the team tested the fire.

The space agency is no stranger to the past. For example, the James Webb Space Telescope has been delayed several times. The telescope was originally supposed to launch in 2007, but wouldn’t close until 2021. It also looked back on that year, but eventually began its mission on December 25, 2021. The telescope’s subsequent opening of the telescope’s solar crosshairs was also postponed. The process began three days after launch, but was not completed until January 4, 2022. In case of delays, it is better to wait for a well-executed mission.

In the final stage of the mass experiment, NASA found a liquid hydrogen gas (LH2). He had discovered a problem with the helium retention valve a few days ago. The team is trying to finish”Temporary cryogenic propulsion station through brake lines used to load the propeller to the upper station† “Unfortunately, they cannot complete this stage because the problem is that the propeller does not run smoothly. NASA’s SLS and Orion spacecraft at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center are salvoted to the Vehicle Mounting Building for repair. The agency is still analyzing”Demonstrate chronogram and options for pre-launch propeller loading operations.

NASA will hold a press conference on Friday, April 18 at 3 p.m. EST to discuss the status of the two launch tests and the timing of the next test. It’s not clear what the next steps will be, but the space agency will detail the meeting. There is no official launch date for Artemis 1 Moon Mission, so critical testing had to be completed first.

The Artemis 1 mission was the first step for humanity’s return to the grave. This includes testing the SLS fire and piloting the Orion spacecraft around the moon before the mission. The SLS firefighter will also have 10 satellites to search for the moon. The crew missions are expected to be postponed to 2025. The crew mission may be further delayed depending on how long it takes to complete the “successful experiment.” heap, NASA There are some answers in your press release. This is a crucial step to devour people to two and send the first woman to two.

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