Navigate between open windows with Alt + Tab

Switching between Alt-Tabs is a quick way to switch between all open documents in Windows. Using the keyboard to perform a task on a computer is usually much more efficient than using a mouse or other pointing device, and Alt-Tab Switching is one of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

These instructions apply to Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Use Alt + Tab: Switch between open programs with ease.

You can also use the hotkey To win tab to switch between open windows.

  1. In any case, open Windows. These can be programs, files or browser windows.

  2. Press and hold a key alt on keyboard.

  3. Press and release the button tab on the keyboard without releasing the Alt key. The Alt-Tab Quick Switch window should appear in the center of your computer screen.

  4. This window should contain an icon for every document currently open on your computer.

  5. The first icon on the left is for the current document – the document visible on the screen.

  6. The second icon from the left should be marked with a rectangle.

  7. Below the icons should be the title of the document, framed.

  8. Release the key alt and Windows switches you to the selected document.

  9. Press and hold the key to move to other documents displayed in the Alt-Tab Quick Switch window alt while pressing the key at the same time tab † Each click should move the highlighted field from left to right from one document to another.

  10. Release the key alt when the desired document is highlighted.

  11. With the Alt+Tab Quick Switch window open, you can change the orientation of the selection window by moving it from right to left while holding down the key Shift and key alt and then press the button tab

Alt-Tab in reverse order

If you click alt tab and accidentally walk past the window you want to select, you don’t need to press the Tab key multiple times to see all the open windows. Use hotkey Alt + Shift + Tab to select windows in reverse order.

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