New iPhone 14 models show the huge iPhone 14 Max that replaces the mini

A series of furniture at the end of the week revealed the designs of all four iphone The 14-series devices will be launched this year. It is known that Apple plans to launch four models as part of its next-generation iPhone line, but unlike the previous two years, the “mini” will take the place of a “Max” model that has a larger size. dust offers -The prices of two cars are much lower than the Pro Max.

If the devices do anything, the iPhone line this year will include the iPhone 14 at 6.1 inches, the iPhone 14 Max at 6.7 inches, the iPhone 14 Pro at 6.1 inches, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 6 inches. , contain 7 polegadas. Unfortunately, Apple has not confirmed or confirmed these reports, so the names of the two devices are still based on different rumors, but the above classification makes sense given Apple’s nomenclature scheme for iPhones in recent years.

The latest news about the upcoming iPhone 14 series on Weibo (as of Rumors about Mike† Images on the Chinese website Weibo show molds for all four iPhone 14 models, including the so-called iPhone 14 Max, which should be a new addition to the programming this year. The molds also suggest that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will have dual cameras on the back, while the “Pro” models will have triple cameras. As the narrator points out, the molds were likely made by a third-party record manufacturer and not Apple, but they didn’t provide any information about the design of the next iPhone. Incidentally, they also seem to confirm rumors that the older iPhone 14 Max will replace the smaller ‘mini’ iPhone this year.

Another reference from another source also seems to support the above story. This is also the Weibo (via ApplePro/Twitter Shrimp) and shows a series of images confirming the design differences between the cartridge model and the “Pro” model. Based on the images, the two Pro models (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max) appear to have larger camera cables for the triple camera setup, while the two cartridge models (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max) have smaller camera cables. Dual camera configuration.

However, the lack of a “mini” means the price of US$699 could be lost this year, with the iPhone 14 pattern possibly starting at US$799. Recent rumors suggest the iPhone 14 Max will cost US$899. , while the iPhone 14 Pro can cost up to US$1,099. For reference, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at US$999, meaning a comparable iPhone 14 Pro could be US$100 more expensive.

source: Rumors of Mike, ApplePro/Twitter Shrimp

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