New technology can even control the human body remotely

A new self RV is a technology developed that allows the muscles of the human body to be controlled remotely in a laboratory environment. When the technique is well established, known as electrical initiation of a muscle, this application is unique. Researchers used various combinations of EMS technology with AirPods, a VR headset, a drone and a guitar for impressive demonstrations of practical use.

A specific drawback in developing RV applications is that the user is directed to the window in a certain direction. This is different from presentations made on a TV, computer monitor or smartphone where you have no doubt about where the action will take place. The RV creates an inner world around the user so that important details can appear everywhere, such as right, left, top, bottom and so on. There are objects that can obstruct the view, such as a table, walking and curling may be necessary to see something.

Researchers from the University of Chicago are exploring new ways to use muscular electrical stimulation (EMS) in conjunction with advanced consumer electronics. The end result is in fact remote control of the human body. Seen by VRScout, this new EMS application may look like some context, but it can be a very useful tool for distance education and orientation. A demonstration combines EMS and VR so that the user’s head can be lit for a virtual fire when it cannot be detected by a private account. A YouTube video shows the technology in action.

To adjust the head movements of an AirPods user with the data from the accelerometer of the two listening phones, it is possible to control the inclination of another person’s head by means of the EMS mounted on the fish. The balancing heads are synchronized, effectively transmitting the rhythm of the music to the second person. In a related demonstration, fingers manipulated by EMS and guitar training with this method were demonstrated.

At first, the idea of ​​being remotely controlled may seem daunting, but the examples illustrate how this can be very effective in some situations. The fighters were asked to use the latest technology and another demonstration, which included the movement of the fish controlled by a drone pilot. When the drone turns, a person turns to fly in the same direction. This can be useful for trying to convey direct information and is faster than just having a set or using it as a RV or AR listening phone.

Source: University of Chicago, VRScout, University of Chicago/YouTube

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