New version of Pixel Fold reveals screen details and launch date

A new look at the rumours good pixel reveals some interesting details about the fabric and even suggests a launch date for Google’s first flexible fabric phone. Obviously, the good fabric is one of the two most critical aspects of the device, while such a device is particularly attractive. In this case, it’s a comparison with Samsung’s next Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Google and Samsung recently collaborated on Pixel 6 series hardware resources. Notably, the Tensor processor is built on Samsung’s foundation and has similar performance to the Exynos 2200. Samsung is also working with Google on Wear development OS 3.0, which includes some aspects of Samsung’s Tizen wearables operating system, the competing operating systems in one mixes and first appears on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4.

Notable member of the Ross Young exhibition supplement gift has an excellent story and a recent Tweet suggests the relative size of the Google Pixel Fold there are many rumors compared to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. The detail mentioned is the size of the cover fabric, with the Pixel Fold being described as small, although the main fabric is about the same dimensions . Extreme sizes are provided for the outer fabric, 5.8 inches for Google’s advantage and 6.2 inches for Samsung. The reason the internal fabric can be the same and outwardly different in almost every size is not a matter of big moldings on the device from Google. Young explains that the Pixel Fold will be larger in size. Just as the skins of two smartphones are measured diagonally, so are televisions, a better phone will be taller and taller will be a larger size, even if the fabric surface is smaller. Mathematically, the squares have the largest possible area for a given diagonal measure. Young also responded to a launch date question on the subject, suggesting the Pixel Fold will arrive in Q4 2022.

Google generally doesn’t have many price tags, and early rumors suggest the Pixel Fold will cost less than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. and a small tablet, making it easier to justify that this unique device will serve two purposes. The first good phone users could see that both the main fabric and the case were used regularly.

The specifications should be consistent with the Pixel 6 series smartphones, which may have a second-generation Tensor processor, with a minimum of eight gigabytes of memory and 128 gigabytes of storage. Expect the cameras to be closer to the Pixel 5 than the more advanced Pixel 6 cameras. Some compensation is inevitable to balance resources and costs, and it seems that Google good pixel will be an intriguing and versatile device.

Font style: Ross Young/Twitter

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