Notes from the new song Soundbar: Here’s what to expect

Sonos is preparing a new soundbar for launch and could be even cheaper. A soundbar is one of the easiest ways to make a home media audio system stand out. Unlike a home theater system, a soundbar does not take up much space and can be mounted under the TV or placed as a logo. Some even function as fast intelligent devices with the ability to connect to the Internet and integrated assistants that can be used to control intelligent electronics. There are some soundbars that can work as a streaming device, such as the Verizon Stream TV soundbar.

Sonos, a leading brand in the audio market, is also one of the leading brands in the soundbar segment. One of the most popular models, the Beam, was launched in 2021 as a second-generation version, with updates to support Dolby Atmos. The Beam (Gen 2) is currently Sonos’ cheapest soundbar, but at $449 it can be a bit expensive for many consumers.

A new report shows that Sonos is developing a cheaper soundbar that will sell for about half the price of Beam (Gen 2). Say the new measure of sum is the codinome “furia” and known as model S36, in accordance with: a Beira† Embora has no official image of the palestrante already provided, 3D rendering which should be based on real photos from palestrante forum. One of the images shows a sound bar and reveals that it is less high than the ones in the Beam and the Sonos Arc, but premium.

The next beam from I Sonos is expected to cost around $249, which is significantly less than the Beam (Gen 2) sold. This certainly suggests that compromises will be made. For starters, the high definition won’t be Dolby Atmos, one of the basic updates Sounds has added to Beam (Gen 2). The soundbar also doesn’t have microphones to summon the voice assistant, but it’s also likely to lack intelligent sources. Another source is an HDMI port for ARC/eARC. However, an optical audio cable is included.

The Sonos Fury (not the final name) also supports vertical mounting, provided some want to match it with the Sonos Arc. Sonos will also sell vertical mounts to those interested in the configuration, though it doesn’t specify how much the accessory will cost. The soundbar is scheduled for June 7, and it is not clear whether it will launch alongside the “model S37” product, a subwoofer that is smaller and more accessible than the Sub (Gen 3) subwoofer for US$749 ask. Sonos currently for sale.

Source: A Beira

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