Now you can listen to audio or watch live videos on TikTok through the app

a new Tik Tok The source allows users to continue to watch or listen to live broadcasts after the application is launched so that they can use their phones normally while enjoying the content. The idea of ​​watching video or listening to audio while doing other tasks is common on traditional computers, but relatively new to smartphones, especially iPhones. Google’s Android software was the first operating system capable of introducing Picture-in-Picture (PIP), which converts content into floating windows that can be placed next to other applications. He has since continued to improve on the resource and similar improvements have made it to the iPhone. Apple introduced picture-in-picture support at the operating system level in iOS 14, which can help developers of third-party applications such as TikTok.

TikTok, the social media site of the Chinese company ByteDance, has added resources to the application despite its huge success. The social media app will be the most downloaded app on all platforms in the world by 2021, but will make significant changes to move forward. He changed the maximum length of the video from 60 seconds to 3 minutes and, with an update from 2022, to 10 minutes for showings. TikTok also works with big media names so that users can create more engaging content. In March, the company will partner with Giphy to also offer a large library of GIFs, including officially licensed movies and TV shows. The source offers a new way to create vertical videos, but now the company has a new way to watch live broadcasts.

TikTok has added an image-based player and a background audio player to its iOS and Android apps, or Twitter user and musician Jonah Manzano apontou. The source was not widely disclosed before it caught the attention of social media, but it opened up great opportunities for people to watch live videos on TikTok. Integrating the majority of users of the fique application with the most traditional short format vertical videos on the site makes it easy to get interested in live streaming on TikTok. Social media sites generally feature live videos on users’ “for you” pages, increasing their exposure. There is a way to successfully post on TikTok, and some people have mastered the art of recording live broadcasts.

While TikTok live watch and listen outside the app is available on iPhone and Android, source activation is different on different platforms. By default, the player on the second plan is not enabled, which means that the user knows the application, the video to be reproduced. To enable picture-in-picture, the user must first open a live broadcast, which can be accessed by pressing ‘epicurean‘ icon in the top song hidden on TikTok’s “For You” page. On Android just press ‘participation’ icon opens a menu with several options, including “bottom player† In this menu you can switch between using picture to picture, background sound, or turn off the background completely.

On the iPhone, the process requires an extra step in the application. Open live broadcast and press “participation‘icon, the user must click the’configuration’ Change the line of menu options. A switch will appear to enable or disable ‘picture in picture‘, which allows users to watch TikTok live outside the application. Embora does not have a setting to automatically capture the video stream while listening to audio, the native iOS image player can be blocked by clicking on the edge of the fabric. The picture-in-picture option for live broadcast is a solution which is easy to multitask while enjoying content, but soon users will miss a similar option Tik Tok video.

source: Jonah Manzano/Twitter

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