OnePlus Nord N20 certified with AMOLED fabric and 60 Hz update rate

another A new mid-range smartphone is coming to the US with some significant updates over the previous generation. The Northern series is a range of affordable smartphones from OnePlus and already has several models. However, as with many other OnePlus products, not all models are available in all markets.

In the US, OnePlus has launched a total of three North phones. In 2020, it launched the North N10 5G and the North N100, followed by the North N200 5G in mid-2021. However, the most powerful North and North 2 smartphones were not sold in North America, let alone the North CE and North CE 2.

The new smartphone heading for the North American coast is the OnePlus Nord N20 5G, the successor to the Nord N10 5G. PCMagAmong the information provided are the official renders of the phone, which show some changes in the design. The North N20 retains its sophisticated fabric but will leave the curved frame for a flat fabric. The rear section also changed drastically – the digital image scanner mounted on the rear section disappeared. The camera floor was abandoned in favor of separate lenses, including two large lenses and a tiny third the size similar to an LED flash.

OnePlus has not only reformed the design of the phone, but also adjusted the specifications. The manufacturer confirmed that the Nord N20 will be equipped with a 6.43-inch AMOLED display, replacing the LCD panel of its predecessor. OnePlus says switching to AMOLED will result in less power consumption, better contrast and more vibrant cores. Unfortunately, the update rate has been reached from 90 Hz to 60 Hz. The digital image scanner also changes position and moves from the back to the underside of the fabric.

The phone will also be charged with SuperVOOC fast charging, but the exact potential has not been revealed. The OnePlus Nord N10 launched with support for 30W fast charging and a 4300mAh battery. Buyers should expect a power adapter in the box, no matter how fast the phone charges. Details about the camera, processor, RAM and configuration did not reveal the OnePlus. The price is still unknown, but since the Nord N10 5G launched for $299, the OnePlus may want to keep the price below $300.

another That said, the Northern Series has been a success in the US, selling over 2.5 million units in the past year. Also, the North N10 5G and North N100 are not only sold unlocked, but are also available on Metro by T-Mobile. In the meantime, it is also possible that the operator will sell the Nord N20. When it finally launches at the end of April, it will compete with mid-range phones from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and TCL.

source: PCMag

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