Open and Access Gmail Contacts

  1. Your Gmail contacts – hidden in plain sight
  2. Open and Access Gmail Contacts
  3. Working with Gmail contacts
  4. Gmail Contacts Features

Your Gmail contacts – hidden in plain sight

Managing contacts in Gmail is very easy. From adding and editing people to the list to syncing your Gmail contacts with your Google+ account, there are some great features available if you know where to click.

Open and Access Gmail Contacts

To open your Gmail address book in a desktop browser:

  1. Open Gmail in any browser.

  2. Press app icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Click Contacts to open a new window with all your contacts.

Older versions of Gmail used a different way to access contacts. If you haven’t switched to the new Gmail experience yet, try the following.

  1. Open your Gmail account screen.

  2. Click on a word gmail at the top of the left pane on the right under the Google name.

  3. Select Contacts in the drop-down menu to open the screen Google Contacts and open the “Contacts” folders in the left pane of the Gmail screen.

  4. In addition, you can also access contacts by:

    • Use keyboard shortcuts. Press key G and then the key C in Gmail to display contact folders in the left pane (instead of mail folders).

    • Enter directly into the URL field to open the Gmail screen with the contact folders on the left panel.

  5. There you should find all the contacts you have saved in Google.

Working with Gmail contacts

By choosing Contacts at the top of Gmail’s left pane, you can:

  • Open all your contacts or only starred contacts.

  • View your most contacts.

  • Form new contact groups.

  • Import contacts from other providers.

Gmail Contacts Features

What users love most about Gmail is that it’s easy to use with other aspects of your Google account, from Google+ and YouTube to Google Photos.

As for contacts in particular, you can easily add the people you interact with on Google+ and YouTube. There are also many useful features that you should be aware of when it comes to managing contacts in Gmail:

  • Gmail keeps track of the people you communicate with often and adds them to your frequently used contacts list. You can then add these people to your main contact list.

  • Gmail Contacts automatically collects the information and details your contacts want to share.

  • Your contacts are integrated with Google+, so you can easily add people from your circles to your contact list. Some people don’t want to share their email address on Google+, but you can use Contacts to access your profile pages.

  • You don’t have to worry about duplicate contacts – they will be deleted automatically. To check for duplicates, click duplicates on the left side of the screen Google Contacts .

  • You can group contacts. For example, you can separate your business contacts from your personal contacts, or create a group for a specific project you are working on so that you can easily email them all at once.

  • Gmail gives you the ability to quickly import, export, or print your entire contact list.

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