Overview of imgbox

  1. A complete overview of imgbox, free online image hosting
  2. Pros and cons
  3. Acceptable Image Sizes
  4. imgbox restrictions
  5. Advantages of registering with imgbox
  6. More information about imgbox
  7. Our opinion about imgbox

A complete overview of imgbox, free online image hosting

imgbox is a free image host that keeps your photos for life. You can link directly to the full size images you upload and are not limited by bandwidth.

Unlike some photo hosting sites, you don’t need to create a free imgbox.com account, which means you can start uploading your photos right away.

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Pros and cons

There’s a lot to like about this free image hosting service:


  • No shelf life

  • No Bandwidth Limitations

  • Very easy to use

  • No registration required to upload or download images

  • Accepts the most popular image formats

  • Support for drag and drop files

  • Supports hot linking

  • You can upload multiple photos at once

  • Uploaded images keep their name and extension


  • Unable to create title or description to upload

  • Only three image file formats are allowed

Acceptable Image Sizes

Imgbox allows you to upload the following file types: GIF (still or animated), JPG, PNG. Everything else is rejected, as you can see above.

If you have a file in a different format such as PSD or TIF and want to upload it to imgbox then you will need to use an image converter to convert the file to one of the acceptable formats listed above. Zamzar and FileZigZag are two examples of websites that can convert images to these formats.

imgbox restrictions

Any image uploaded to imgbox cannot exceed the file size limit of 10MB. If you need a bigger limit, try Imgur.

If the terms of service are not violated, the photos have no retention period. It sounds exactly like it sounds: the images you upload to imgbox don’t have a specific expiration date, so you don’t have to worry about them being deleted after so many days, months, etc.

Advantages of registering with imgbox

Registering a user account with imgbox is completely free and allows you to do a number of things that you cannot do as an anonymous user.

If you upload images to imgbox without a user account, you will be continuously asked if your images are family safe or contain adult content. You will also be asked what thumbnail size to create, whether to include comments, and which gallery (if any) to add images to. If you find yourself changing these settings to the same settings every time you download, simply create a free account to set the default download settings.

The imgbox account also makes it easy to delete uploads, edit galleries and comment on photos uploaded by other users.

More information about imgbox

  • Your uploaded images can be easily shared on social networking sites such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest.

  • Full size thumbnails and links as well as HTML code and BBCode links are displayed after images are loaded into imgbox.

  • When uploading photos, you can indicate whether or not you want to allow comments.

  • When opening a link to a thumbnail image there are user comments (if enabled) and social sharing buttons, while full size links only show the image and are useful for hot links.

  • A gallery of your images can be created that can contain up to 500 photos

  • Unregistered users will be given a delete link so they can delete images if they decide later. The same link can be used to enable or disable comments on an image, even after it has been uploaded.

Our opinion about imgbox

For free image hosting, not to impose photo expiration date, this is great. This means you can upload your photos without worrying that they will become useless due to little or no activity, or because too much time has passed since they were uploaded.

I already mentioned that the images you upload to imgbox keep their original name and extension. This means that if you upload an image called portrait.png , it will also load as such when someone decides to save your image. I like that this is so that it is easy to identify the photos as there are no title or description settings in the imgbox.

Something I don’t like is that imgbox doesn’t support other image file formats like TIFF, BMP, PSD, etc. Most other image websites allow more than just the three imgbox file types, but at least the ones that are supported are probably good enough for most people.

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