Overview of the FastMail mail service

  1. Find out if this covers your mailing needs
  2. What do we like?
  3. What we don’t like

Find out if this covers your mailing needs

FastMail is a premium email service with a user-friendly interface and all the features most email solutions offer. Like most of these services, it has a lot of good features that are offset by a few shortcomings.

What do we like?

  • Can receive email from other accounts and send emails from any address.

  • Without advertising.

  • Easily create custom folders to organize.

  • Includes other tools such as an address book and a calendar.

What we don’t like

  • Not for free.

  • The task manager is missing.

  • Doesn’t offer anything that free services like Gmail don’t.

  • 2-10 GB for email storage and 1-50 GB for files.

  • Fully featured address book, calendar and notepad.

  • Fast, customizable web interface.

  • Shortcut keys.

  • Flexible custom filters and automatic replies.

  • Protection against spam, viruses and phishing.

The FastMail web interface offers a lot of flexibility and power in an interface familiar to anyone who has used Outlook, Gmail, and other popular email services.

Keyboard shortcuts help you complete tasks, find emails, and navigate quickly. Powerful search features compete with Fastmail’s competitors, and organizational features such as custom folders and rules are easy to implement.

If FastMail is enough for you to make it your main email service, you can get it from other mailboxes and send it to the address provided in the field By

Other useful features include an address book, notes, and a calendar.

A notable drawback of FastMail is the lack of labels and tags. An email can only be stored in one folder, while Gmail allows multiple labels on a given message. FastMail also lacks smart folders that update in real time.

All in all, FastMail is an efficient email service with some of the same features as better-known services like Outlook.com and Gmail; he does what he is good at. However, it offers nothing special to justify the cost when other services do the same and do it for free.

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