Photoshop tools

The tools available in Photoshop’s toolbar and menus are the foundation for working in the software. Learning tools such as cropping, cloning printing, highlighting, and using tool presets help simplify your design and improve your workflow.

  1. Photoshop Tools Presets
  2. Marquee Tool
  3. Harvesting Tools
  4. Stamp tool
  5. Photoshop Save for Web Tool

Photoshop Tools Presets

Creating tool presets in Photoshop is a great way to speed up your workflow and remember your favorite and most used settings. A tool preset is a named, saved version of a tool and certain associated settings, such as width, opacity, and brush size, that are handled using the tool’s preset palette.

Marquee Tool

Photoshop’s selection tool, a relatively simple feature, is essential for several tasks. At its most basic level, the tool is used to select areas of an image that can then be copied, trimmed, or cropped. The tool has four options for selecting different types of regions: rectangular, elliptical, single row, or single column.

Harvesting Tools

Photoshop’s cropping tool serves two main purposes. The first is crop, which means you crop out part of the image by selecting the area you want to keep. It is also useful for quickly resizing images. These functions can also be used simultaneously to crop and resize a photo (or any other type of image).

Stamp tool

Learn how to use Photoshop’s Stamp tool to retouch photos by copying one area of ​​an image to another.

Photoshop Save for Web Tool

As a graphic designer, you are often asked to provide ready-made images, such as photos for a website or banner ads. The Save for Web tool in Photoshop is an easy and convenient way to prepare JPEG files for the web, allowing you to balance file size and image quality.

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