Pixel 6 users find face unlock, but it still doesn’t work

esta pixels 6 There is no face unlock option, at least in most cases, which is true, but Google code suggested this before and now users can discover it during installation. Quick unlock Pixel 6 series phones is a fantastic bonus resource for Google to add as future remaining Pixel resources.

The Pixel 4 is Google’s only phone with a face unlock option, a special infrared hardware similar to Apple’s TrueDepth facial recognition camera. Google also uses the Pixel 4’s Soli radar chip and accelerometer to conserve battery life. When the radar sensor detects a hand, the fabric is activated and the accelerometer data knows when the phone is lifted, triggering an erratic alarm to detect noise. The source works well, but takes advantage of the two technologies that are missing from the Pixel 6.

A new Google Face Unlock source emerged when the Pixel 6 was first set up and users took a photo of the fabric with another smartphone. Reddit User Special_Command7893 Share photos and more details. The Pixel 6 doesn’t run a beta operating system, just a basic version and is compatible with Android 12. Unfortunately, face unlock isn’t really available as an option and the option only appears once. Reddit posts were originally created by Notebook Verification

The Pixel 6 series doesn’t seem to have the tech needed for Google’s original face unlock system, which lacks the necessary IR projector, IR camera and radar sensor. This means that Google has to use other methods to identify that a real person is using the cloth to unlock the phone with enough certainty to give the user access to all the data.

Some early redness recognition systems can be tricked by a photo, which is where the value of capturing depth information with rare sensors comes into play. Google can detect motion and use differences in images to create a 3D map. Anyway, turning or pointing the head can help capture 3D data. This is pure speculation, as nothing more was revealed in the information shared on Reddit and Google didn’t announce any facial unlock sources. pixels 6 series, making the owners look ahead and hope that this resource can come in the future.

source: Special_Command7893/Reddit, Notebook Verification

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