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No more everyday tests for your class. Add something extra to your multiple choice tests with an interactive PowerPoint presentation template.

This multiple choice quiz format can be easily adapted to a true/false scenario.

The method for creating this multiple choice quiz template is to use invisible hyperlinks (also known as invisible buttons or hotspots). Invisible hyperlinks are placed above the various answers on a PowerPoint slide. When an answer is selected, the slide changes to show whether the answer was right or wrong.

Click here to get text only PowerPoint multiple choice test template instructions.

 Загрузите файл шаблона викторины множественного выбора PowerPoint для использования в этом руководстве. 
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  2. Edit Multiple Choice Quiz Template
  3. Change Multiple Choice Quiz Template – Part 2
  4. Add more multiple choice questions
  5. Copy answer slides into a multiple choice quiz template
  6. Link answers to multiple choice questions on the corresponding slides
  7. View the multiple choice quiz template

Business conditions:

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Edit Multiple Choice Quiz Template

This multiple choice quiz PowerPoint template can be easily adapted to the needs of your specific use. You can change it for a true/false test, or just add more slides to make the test longer.

  1. Keep a second copy of the template file so you always have the original.

  2. Open a copy of the multiple choice quiz template.

  3. Change the title of the first slide to reflect your own question for this multiple choice quiz.

  4. Click on the top of any of the current answers in the multiple choice slides section. You will see selection handles appear to indicate the presence of a graphic object, although it is currently invisible. This is the previously mentioned invisible hyperlink.

  5. Drag that invisible hyperlink block out of the way, but keep it close so you can find it later.

Change Multiple Choice Quiz Template – Part 2

  1. Replace the answer on the multiple choice slide with your own answer.

    1. Remark † Make your answers correct or incorrect as they were on the original slide, ie if answer A is false on the original slide, replace the answer with another wrong answer. The reason is that this spot is already associated with a slide that says the answer is wrong. Likewise for the correct answer.
  2. After entering your answer, drag the invisible hyperlink over the new answer. If necessary, stretch it to the right using the selection handles if your new answer is larger than the original answer in the template.

  3. Continue this process for all 4 answers on the slide.

  4. Repeat this whole process for each multiple choice slide, alternating questions and answers.

Add more multiple choice questions

  1. Copy one of the slides with the multiple choice question.

    1. To copy a slide, right-click the thumbnail version of the slide displayed in the Outline/Slides pane on the left side of the screen and select To copy in the context menu.

    2. Place the tip of the mouse pointer under the last thumbnail slide. Right click and select Insert in the context menu. You can insert the same slide multiple times to reach the number of slides you need.

  2. Change the slide in Q&A by repeating the process in the previous steps.

Copy answer slides into a multiple choice quiz template

For each multiple choice question, there must be two corresponding answer slides. One for the correct answer and one for the wrong answer.

  1. Copy one of the “wrong” answer slides. Insert a copy of this slide after each multiple choice question in the template.

  2. Copy one of the “Correct” answer slides. Insert a copy of this slide after each slide with an “Incorrect” answer.

   Примечание  . Важно разместить слайд с ответом «Неправильно»  перед  ответом «Правильный» горка. Слайд-шоу спроектировано таким образом, что после показа слайда с правильным ответом появляется новый слайд с несколькими вариантами ответов. 

Link answers to multiple choice questions on the corresponding slides

When all your slides are ready, you need to go back to each slide with the multiple choice quiz question and match the answers to the correct slide.

   Note   - если вы продолжите создавать свои собственные тесты шаблонов PowerPoint с нуля, вы, скорее всего, будете связывать ответы в то время Вы создаете невидимые гиперссылки. Однако , поскольку ссылки уже созданы в этом шаблоне , вы создадите ссылки после создания всех новых слайдов. 
 Из этого туториала по созданию классных игр с использованием невидимых гиперссылок вы узнаете, как легко создавать свои классные игры и викторины. 
  1. Now that you have a True and False answer slide after each multiple choice question, you need to link invisible hyperlinks on each question slide to the correct answer slide.

  2. To do this, right-click on one of the invisible hyperlinks and select Action settings…

  3. Drop hyperlink select slide… and find the correct answer slide next to the current question slide.

  4. Click Okay and the multiple choice question is associated with the corresponding True or False slide.

  5. Repeat this process for each slide question.

View the multiple choice quiz template

  1. Choose from the menu View > Slideshow or use the PowerPoint hotkey by pressing the key. to push F5

  2. Click on all questions and answers to make sure everything works.

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