Print multiple slides on one page in PowerPoint

When handing out copies of your PowerPoint presentation to an audience, it’s best to print multiple slides on a single sheet of paper. Follow these steps to print multiple PowerPoint slides.

Remark † Instructions in this article apply to Powerpoint 2016, 2013, 2010; PowerPoint for Mac and PowerPoint 365/Web.

Print multiple slides on one page

  1. From the toolbar on the ribbon in PowerPoint, go to File seal to find different options for printing in PowerPoint.

    In this section, you can choose your printer, the number of pages you want to print, and other options.

    For more information about printing slides, see Printing PowerPoint slides.

  2. Note the second full page slide In chapter Settings † Allows you to select the print layout, including: slides (e.g. notes pages) or Handouts † We are interested in handouts.

  3. There are options to include up to nine slides on a single handout sheet, much like the Slide Sorter view. Choose one of the multiple slide options.

    PowerPoint Online is the same as other versions of PowerPoint, but only includes a subset of the options available in the desktop versions.

  4. Press the button seal to finish.

  5. This is it!

Combining this with double-sided printing, you can get up to 18 slides on one sheet of paper!

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